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Trump’s Ukraine Call Is Part of a Pattern

His call to Ukraine’s president, in which he reportedly pushed for that country’s government to investigate his political rival Joe Biden, may be the purest example. And as I wrote last week, it poses perhaps the gravest threat to…

Greta Thunberg Is the Anti-Trump

She is young and he is old. She is honest and he is a habitual liar. She relies on science and he relies on nothing but his gut. Her focus is on the forecastable future, and he lives in an imaginary past. Greta Thunberg is the…

Nancy Pelosi on Trump’s Impeachment Inquiry

“If that is the case—that the president of the United States would ask a foreign government to assist him in a political way—that would be wrong,” Pelosi said.Would it be impeachable?, Goldberg asked.Pelosi would not answer directly.…

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