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Despite coronavirus, voter turnout was surprisingly robust on Tuesday

Democratic voters largely weathered the coronavirus pandemic and the demands of social distancing on Tuesday, to turn out to vote in three primary states. They did so with a big assist from early voting and voting-by-mail. In 2016, just over 1.7 million ballots were cast in the Florida Democratic presidential primary. As of this writing, 2020 turnout in Florida has exceeded its 2016 levels, with NBC News estimating turnout at around 1.8 million — with more ballots still to be counted. In Arizona, about 410,000 votes were cast in the 2016 Democratic primary. As of this writing, more than 500,000 ... Read more

Joe Biden Completes Tuesday Sweep With Arizona Win

Former Vice President Joe Biden has officially swept Tuesday’s primaries, capturing a first-place finish in Arizona after winning in Florida and Illinois. Ohio was originally scheduled to hold its primary Tuesday, but it was postponed by Gov. Mike DeWine declaring a public health emergency over the Wuhan virus. Biden’s victory in Arizona further narrows an already slender path to the 1,991 delegates needed for Sanders to clinch the nomination in Milwaukee this summer. Sanders, whose victories in Nevada and California were won in large part by strong support among Hispanics, was hoping for a big performance in Arizona, since anywhere ... Read more

Who won the Super Tuesday III Democratic primaries? 3 winners and 3 losers.

We may be living in a vastly different world than we were a week ago, but one constant remains: Joe Biden appears well on his way to being the presumptive Democratic nominee. Right out of the gate on Tuesday night, Biden notched a nearly 40-point win in Florida, the state with the biggest cache of delegates. He followed it up soon after with another resounding win in Illinois and won Arizona shortly after polls closed there. By the end of the night, Biden had vaulted over the 1,000-delegate threshold (he needs 1,991 to clinch the nomination). It’s a comfortable lead ... Read more

Florida, Illinois, Arizona to stage primaries Tuesday; Ohio will not

March 17 (UPI) — Three states will stage key primary contests on Tuesday but one, Ohio, will not — despite a judge’s ruling that said it must open its polls. Polls will open in Florida, Illinois and Arizona for primary contests worth 441 Democratic Party delegates. Former Vice President Joe Biden is expected to win handily in all three states and add to his delegate lead over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. The complications over the primaries due to the coronavirus outbreak have cut the number of poll workers and may hamper voter turnout. Ohio, in the meantime, pulled the plug ... Read more

Super Tuesday 2 results: Joe Biden wins Washington primary, defeating Bernie Sanders

Joe Biden just won Washington state — further solidifying his delegate lead against Bernie Sanders, who won the state handily in 2016. The results were called nearly a week after the state’s primary Election Day. Given Washington’s more progressive lean, this Biden victory, in particular, highlights just how much momentum he’s picked up since Super Tuesday. Four years ago, Sanders won the Washington caucuses by nearly 45 points, while losing a nonbinding primary that took place later in the year. (In 2016, the state held a caucus in March and a nonbinding primary in May — a practice that’s required ... Read more

Sanders Pledges To Move Onward After Tuesday Losses

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders pledged his campaign would move forward following another series of major losses on Super Tuesday 2.0, in which former Vice President Joe Biden captured by wide margins four of the six states that voted. “We need to win the voters,” Sanders said during a press conference in Burlington, Vermont, though the far-left senator conceded, “We are losing the debate over electability.” “I very much look forward to the debate in Arizona with Joe Biden,” he said. The debate is scheduled to take place this Sunday. On Tuesday, Biden took first place in Idaho, Missouri, Mississippi, and ... Read more

Bernie Sanders’s failure to win over black voters on Tuesday could doom his campaign

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders once admitted that his 2016 campaign was “too white.” But despite his attempts to build a diverse coalition of supporters in 2020, it was clear on Tuesday that he hasn’t been able to bring black voters, a core constituency for the Democratic party, into the fold. Former Vice President Joe Biden won big with black voters in Michigan, the state with the largest delegate trove on Tuesday, and in Missouri and Mississippi, according to CNN exit polls. Black voters supported Biden at rates of 66 percent in Michigan and 72 percent in Missouri — states where ... Read more

Super Tuesday 2: Biden turned out working-class white voters in Michigan and other states

Former Vice President Joe Biden predictably swept the black vote in March 10 states, but he also scored key wins among white voters — most notably in the battleground state of Michigan. On Wednesday morning, progressive Sen. Bernie Sanders was lagging behind Biden in every single county in Michigan, Missouri, and Mississippi, according to Kyle Kondik, managing editor of Sabato’s Crystal Ball. (Sanders won North Dakota and some Idaho counties; Washington state has yet to be called.) Sanders was expected to lose Mississippi and Missouri, but he contested Michigan fiercely after narrowly winning it in the 2016 primary. Biden’s dominance ... Read more

Super Tuesday 2 results: Bernie Sanders wins North Dakota caucuses, defeating Joe Biden

Sen. Bernie Sanders has defeated national frontrunner former Vice President Joe Biden to win the 2020 North Dakota caucuses. The win is somewhat of a surprise. While Sanders has done well in caucuses, and won the 2016 North Dakota contest in a landslide over Hillary Clinton, he was not expected to win. The state had only one poll taken ahead of Tuesday’s caucuses, an unsurprising fact given its small 14 delegate total. But that poll, from Swayable, gave Biden a 35-percentage-point advantage in the state, and FiveThirtyEight’s forecast model estimated a 93 percent chance that Biden would win. The results ... Read more

Super Tuesday 2: Primary election live results

The Democratic presidential race is now a two-way contest between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders — and Tuesday, we’ll get our first real look at how that head-to-head matchup will play out. These March 10 contests are much less “super” than those from last week, but it’s an important day for the nomination battle — it’s the third-biggest delegate day left in the calendar. About 9 percent of Democrats’ pledged delegates will be up for grabs in six states: Michigan, Washington, Missouri, Mississippi, Idaho, and North Dakota. Biden emerged from Super Tuesday with a significant but not overwhelming delegate lead ... Read more