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How Democrats Defended Abortion at the Debate

Former Vice President Joe Biden is the best evidence of how far to the left Democrats have moved on the abortion issue. Throughout his career in the Senate, which began shortly after the Supreme Court’s ruling on Roe, Biden stuck to a…

Public Servants Versus Donald Trump

On Friday afternoon, James Baker, the former general counsel of the F.B.I., felt a tinge of optimism. Almost two years ago, he was ousted from his position as the Bureau’s top legal official, after President Trump fired the F.B.I.’s…

Supreme Court Fight Over Private Schools

Read: How Trump is reversing Obama’s nondiscrimination legacyThe case is named for Kendra Espinoza, a single mother who lives near Kalispell, Montana, who took her two daughters out of public school after one struggled academically and…

Turkey and NATO Troubled Relationship

What about the air base though? “Incirlik is an albatross,” said one former senior administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity. “But there are people in for whom Turkey is sacrosanct and all of its problems—busting US…

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