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Leftist Vox Told Readers Not To Use Masks, But Not Before Co-Founder Made Sure He Got His

Matthew Yglesias, one of the co-founders of liberal outlet Vox, has some explaining to do on masks. Vox, like everyone else, was pretty much spouting the same advice just a few weeks ago: Don’t buy surgical masks. They were supposed to be useless in preventing coronavirus from spreading, we were told. In fact, as part of a Twitter thread from the digital rag early in March, they advised against them. The first piece of advice in the thread was about washing your hands. The second piece: “Oh, and face masks? You can pass on them. Masks are only useful if ... Read more

Andrew Yang told Asian Americans to prove their Americanness. Here’s why that’s wrong.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang made a stunning argument in a Washington Post op-ed this week: To combat the recent surge in hate crimes and racism amid the coronavirus pandemic, he suggested, Asian Americans should showcase just how American they are through acts of patriotism and community. Effectively, he wrote, Asians can help end racism by being the best citizens we can be: We Asian Americans need to embrace and show our American-ness in ways we never have before. We need to step up, help our neighbors, donate gear, vote, wear red white and blue, volunteer, fund aid organizations, ... Read more

Japan-Based Sailors Told to Move from Barracks to Make Room for Quarantining Personnel

YOKOSUKA NAVAL BASE, Japan — Some sailors were ordered out of the barracks here and onto their assigned ships to make room for quarantined sailors as the base battles a coronavirus outbreak, a base spokesman confirmed Wednesday. The goal is to “free up space to create separation from quarantined or restriction-of-movement sailors,” Randall Baucom told Stars and Stripes. “Some barracks on base are being used to quarantine and isolate sailors that are being tested for or have tested positive for COVID-19,” he said, using the official name of the new coronavirus. Yokosuka has been under a shelter-at-home order since March ... Read more

Miami VA Hospital Employees Being Told to Wear, Reuse One Surgical Mask Per Week

Healthcare workers at the Miami VA hospital are being told to reuse one surgical mask for a week at a time starting Monday, guidance issued after a federal report on VA hospital preparedness for the novel coronavirus pandemic found the facility had shortages of personal protective equipment. Administration officials at the Miami VA told employees to check out a surgical mask and return it at the end of each week in order to receive a new one, according to people familiar with operations at the hospital. A spokesperson for the facility confirmed the guidance on Sunday but said it applied ... Read more

Marines Told to Cut High-Intensity Workouts During Coronavirus Outbreak

Marines are known for having some of the military’s toughest fitness standards, but as the coronavirus continues to spread among troops they’ve been told to consider less-intense workouts. In a memo posted to the Marine Corps‘ fitness website, leathernecks were told to “suspend high-intensity workouts, endurance heavy training, and working out in large groups.” The guidance, titled COVID-19 Fitness Tips, was issued by Col. Stephen Armes, director of the Marine Corps’ Force Fitness Division. “Human performance research shows that extended periods of high-intensity endurance exercise can make athletes more susceptible to illness for up to 72 hours after the exercise ... Read more

Nobody Told Domino’s About Economic Crash, Chain Looks To Hire Whopping 10K

It is no secret that a lot of businesses have been shut down as the Wuhan coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has spread across the country. Many businesses are being closed temporarily — and for some, re-opening may not happen. Ever. But there have been a number of companies taking on new workers. Retail and delivery giants like Amazon.com and Walmart are both hiring, but another famous business is also looking for new employees — one you’d think would be hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to CNBC, Domino’s Pizza is looking to take on 10,000 new workers, even ... Read more

Ohio told providers to stop abortions due to the coronavirus pandemic

Ohio’s attorney general has ordered providers in the state to stop all “nonessential and elective surgical abortions” citing federal guidance intended to help conserve needed medical supplies during the coronavirus pandemic. There are concerns that, due to the coronavirus, the demand for hospital beds could exceed supply in the US — and medical providers are currently experiencing a severe shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) that allow them to safely interact with infected patients. In order to preserve what supply exists, Trump administration officials have asked “every American and every American hospital and healthcare facility to postpone any elective medical ... Read more

With Coronavirus on 3 Ships, Navy Leaders Are Told to Cut the Mass Gatherings

There have been at least four novel coronavirus cases on three Navy ships, raising concerns that the illness could spread rampantly across a military service that packs as many as 5,000 personnel onto vessels with tight quarters. A second sailor assigned to the amphibious assault ship Boxer tested positive for the coronavirus, named COVID-19, on Tuesday. Another sailor assigned to that ship tested positive for the illness four days prior. Two other sailors, one assigned to the guided-missile destroyer Ralph Johnson and another with the littoral combat ship Coronado, also tested positive for the new coronavirus this week. The illness, ... Read more

Richard Burr told constituents coronavirus was “akin to the 1918 pandemic” in February

Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.), the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, told a small, private group of constituents on Feb. 27 that the coronavirus outbreak was “akin to the 1918 pandemic,” audio obtained by NPR shows. Why it matters: “The 1918 pandemic,” or the Spanish flu, killed millions worldwide — and Burr’s comments directly contradicted those from President Trump on that same day, when the U.S. had 15 confirmed coronavirus cases. What Burr said: “There’s one thing that I can tell you about this — it is much more aggressive in its transmission than anything we have seen in recent history. ... Read more

Contrary To What The Media Told You, Trump Didn’t Weaken Bio-Defenses

Democrats and the corporate media have politicized the Trump administration’s approach to the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, alleging that the president left the nation unprepared to deal with the outbreak by “dissolving” the White House office in charge of leading the response. Trump however, did no such thing. The misconception stems from a reorganization of the National Security Council (NSC) to reduce its size and streamline its functions after having ballooned in bureaucratic size during the Obama administration. Tim Morrison was the director for counterproliferation and biodefense on the NSC in the Trump White House before joining the Hudson Institute as ... Read more