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Charlamagne Tha God Says Biden’s Presidential Ticket Could Bring ‘Voter Depression’

During an interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid, radio host Charlamagne tha God said should the presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden select a moderate vice president such as Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., it would cause “voter depression” among black voters in the 2020 election. “On top of possible Russian interference and voter suppression, Dems have to worry about voter depression. That’s people staying home on election day because they just aren’t enthused by the candidate,” he said. Charlamagne tha God criticized Biden for running a lack-luster campaign from his basement and expecting the black vote to turn out without making specific ... Read more

The Ticket: Senator Bill Cassidy

Dovere: I’m glad you bring up the vaccines question because even though it seems like we are at least a while off from having a vaccine for the coronavirus, you can already see the fight brewing. People saying whether they want to get the vaccine or not, whether it’ll be mandatory or not. What is your take on that, given your experience? Cassidy: We already see a robust set of laws and workplace requirements that I think would apply very nicely to coronavirus. Schools have pre-matriculation requirements, which is to say the child has to be vaccinated unless there’s a ... Read more

Santikos Entertainment offering one free movie ticket a day for active military, veterans

SAN ANTONIO – Santikos Entertainment wants to thank active-duty military members and veterans by offering free movie tickets during National Military Appreciation Month. From now through May 31, Santikos is offering one free ticket per person per day, according to a news release. Military personnel must show their IDs to redeem the offer. “Our brave service men and women keep us safe here and abroad and with San Antonio being Military City U.S.A. we felt compelled to give them a safe and fun experience as a small gesture of appreciation,” the release states. A series of military-themed movies like “Saving ... Read more

China virus app is ticket to everywhere

To enter many offices, restaurants, parks or malls in China nowadays, people must show their status on an app that determines whether they are a coronavirus threat. There is often a moment of tension before opening the app on arriving at a location. A green light lets you in anywhere. A yellow light could send you into home confinement. The dreaded red light throws a person into a strict two-week quarantine at a hotel. Such controversial use of technology has raised alarm in Europe as countries including Britain, France and Switzerland look into launching their own apps to trace infections. ... Read more

Las Vegas Raiders ride early ticket sales bump

Since last Thursday’s NFL schedule release, the Las Vegas Raiders have enjoyed immense success in the ticket sales department. By the numbers: According to data from SeatGeek, the Raiders are not only the top-selling team, but also boast by far the highest average ticket price ($622), roughly 30% higher than the second-place Seahawks ($439). Three of the top five selling games on SeatGeek are Raiders home games against the Saints (Week 2), Bills (Week 4) and Chiefs (Week 10). StubHub, meanwhile, says the Raiders are the second-best selling team on their platform, trailing only the Cowboys. Last season they ranked ... Read more

Sports leagues update refund policies after coronavirus leaves fans in ticket limbo

With U.S. sports nearly two months into their indefinite hiatus, leagues have finally begun updating their ticket refund policies, directing teams to decide for themselves how they’d like to proceed. Why it matters: This should give fans struggling financially amidst the pandemic a clearer path towards recouping cash in the short term. By the numbers: With over $1 billion tied up in “postponed” NBA and NHL games alone, there’s a lot more money in ticket limbo than you might realize. “Getting a refund for an event that is postponed until who-knows-when may seem like small potatoes, but for a lot ... Read more

The Ticket: Coronavirus Voter Suppression

And I guess I want to be very clear that that remains at the heart of much of this. To the extent that that correlates with party, that is a complicating factor that I think makes it very difficult for people sometimes to see why voter suppression is so unconscionable, because people say, ‘well, partisan politics and, you know, we all we’ve always had partisan politics.’ But if people really wanted to understand why it’s unconscionable, it’s because it is animated by and emanates from the same motivation that kept the South from allowing black people to vote in the ... Read more

The Ticket: The Unlearned Lessons of 2016, With Katy Tur

As Democrats slugged it out in Las Vegas this week, the president undermined the Justice Department in Washington. News anchor Katy Tur—and everyone else covering politics—has had to constantly switch gears between two stories: a crowded primary of challengers working to overtake one another, and a post-impeachment White House emboldened to break yet more democratic norms. But when the general election arrives, and the two stories merge, will the fourth estate be up to the task? “I don’t think we in the news media have figured out how to cover Donald Trump,” Tur told Isaac Dovere on the latest episode ... Read more

Fast Facts About The GOP Candidates Challenging Trump for 2020 Ticket

President Donald Trump is not the only candidate vying for the GOP nomination in 2020. The latest Gallup polling numbers, however, show Trump has an 88 percent job approval rating among Republicans. Historically, primary challengers to an incumbent president have never won the party’s nomination, but in most of those instances, the incumbent president also did not win the general election. While it seems like an uphill battle for any other Republican candidates to attempt to win the party’s 2020 nomination, the following candidates have decided to stake their claim in the race, believing the party would be better off ... Read more