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Celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month (in Photos)

June is Pride Month: a time to reflect, celebrate, and advocate for queer rights. In cities across the United States—and the world—pride celebrations are taking place to publicly display support for the LGBTQ community.Pride Month has a

Damaging Tornadoes Hit Missouri (in Photos)

Powerful tornadoes ripped through Missouri on Wednesday night, causing severe damage in the state's capital and killing at least three in Golden City.The tornado was rated at least an EF-3 on the Enhanced Fujita scale, CNN reports, which

Cyclone Fani Hits India (in Photos)

Cyclone Fani made landfall near Puri, India, on Friday morning and was over coastal Odisha within hours.The classification of storm severity is determined by the India Meteorological Department based on the generated maximum sustained
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