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C. S. Lewis’ Advice To Students During A Pandemic Will Do Us Good

In the autumn of 1939, as Nazi Germany invaded Poland and ignited the fuse of World War II, the great British theologian C. S. Lewis preached a sermon called “Learning in War-Time.” Although written 81 years ago, his advice is perhaps more relevant today than ever. Lewis identifies three enemies facing students during crises such as ours and mental exercises to defend against each. His thought are also helpful to those who are not students. The first enemy is “excitement”—or, I might say, distraction. The news can overwhelm our thoughts and feelings with excitement or anxiety, paralyzing our studies. It’s ... Read more

Florida university launches pen pal program for isolated students

ORLANDO, Fla., April 9 (UPI) — A pen pal program launched at a Florida university for students who are isolated at home due to the coronavirus pandemic has grown to more than 1,300 students at a dozen colleges in the United States and overseas. “College students, in particular, are used to being around others constantly. So we were trying to make sure they didn’t feel too alone,” said Meredith Mechanik, program coordinator with the University of South Florida’s Compass Student Experience program for incoming freshmen. The pen pal idea, which began at the university’s St. Petersburg campus, is an effort ... Read more

Exclusive: Campaign aims to get students connected

Common Sense Media is urging Congress to use the next round of coronavirus relief legislation to make sure all U.S. students can connect to the internet. The big picture: The campaign, dubbed “Connect All Students,” comes as a poll from the group and SurveyMonkey finds that teens are worried they’ll fall behind in school due to the pandemic. The campaign launch and poll results were shared exclusively with Axios. What they’re saying: Jim Steyer, CEO of Common Sense, which focuses on the impact of tech and media on kids, said in a statement: “With the majority of kids now learning ... Read more

A Letter to My Students as We Face the Pandemic

Jeez, what a hard and depressing and scary time. So much suffering and anxiety everywhere. (I saw this bee happily buzzing around a flower yesterday and felt like, Moron! If you only knew!) But it also occurs to me that this is when the world needs our eyes and ears and minds. This has never happened before here (at least not since 1918). We are (and especially you are) the generation that is going to have to help us make sense of this and recover afterward. What new forms might you invent, to fictionalize an event like this, where all ... Read more

Despite pandemic, ROTC adapting to help students enter the military

Despite major changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Minnesota’s Reserve Officer Training Corps is working to ensure students’ commission into the military.  Students in the ROTC program typically train in a large group and attend classes with others in their year. Now, students are exercising at home and taking classes online. ROTC leaders are working to keep students on track while following COVID-19 safety guidelines. Maj. Melissa Hoaglin said leaders are considering several options to assure students’ entry into the military. The Army may waive certain tests until cadets get to their positions in the military or ... Read more

Coronavirus Offering Students a New Opportunity To Learn

Millions of America’s best and brightest students have returned home only midway through their spring semester. Their coursework will continue, of course, as online education assumes center stage for the foreseeable future. Only those of us of a certain age recall how “distance learning” was once such a curiosity. The considerable downside of this course of events is obvious, especially for the talented athletes and artistic types forced to miss their spring performances or games. A special sadness is reserved for the seniors, most of whom will choose to forgo their final opportunity to compete again next year even if ... Read more

Center for Veteran and Military Students working to improve student veterans’ graduation rates: News at IU: Indiana University

Indiana University has clear targets in its effort to raise the graduation rate of student veterans after a survey identified several areas for improvement. According to John Summerlot, director of the Center for Veteran and Military Students at IU Bloomington, survey results included: Female veterans are graduating at a lower rate than their male counterparts at IU Bloomington. IU is one of just two Big Ten schools that doesn’t offer priority enrollment for military students. A gap exists between the actual costs of school versus what the GI Bill pays. IU is involved in Operation Hoosier Promise. The three-year program ... Read more

What Military-Connected Students Need to Know During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Mike Saunders is a U.S. Army Veteran and Director of Military & Consumer Policy at Veterans Education Success. Tanya Ang is Vice President of Veterans Education Success and has worked in higher education supporting military-connected students for almost 20 years. From student loans to the GI Bill, the coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting millions of veterans and military-connected students in higher education. During these turbulent times, our organization, Veterans Education Success, is supporting policies and consumer protections to help you navigate unprecedented waters. Here are some concerns we’ve heard from you, what we recommend and how we’re responding. Stay Healthy During ... Read more

Military Medical School to Graduate Students Early, Rush to COVID-19 Response

For the first time in its 48-year history, the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences will graduate its fourth-year medical school students and graduate-level nurses early to support the U.S. military’s war on COVID-19. Roughly 170 medical students and 60 graduate nursing students will depart USUHS in Bethesda, Maryland, between April 1 and April 17, to support the Defense Department’s coronavirus pandemic response. The medical students, who are not yet licensed because they have not completed the required internships, will work under the supervision of licensed physicians in positions “appropriate within the limits of their duty stations,” such as ... Read more

Universities Should Refund Students for Classes Lost to Coronavirus

As a graduate student at Georgetown University studying biomedical sciences policy and advocacy, I recently received an email from the administration informing me that all courses would be moved to an online platform, undergraduates were asked to move out of the dorms and graduate students were asked to not return to campus. Georgetown is not alone in the rush to lock down the novel coronavirus, and I’m certainly not alone in stepping back to evaluate what this means for my life and education. As of this week, more than 250 American colleges and universities have announced closures or a shift ... Read more