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Some Trump aides eye May 1 start to coronavirus reopening

President Trump’s aides, encouraged by virus data showing fewer deaths than once projected, are working behind the scenes to deliver on his vow to reopen America “sooner rather than later.” What to watch for: A senior White House official said there’s a lot of internal energy pushing for May 1, because that’s the end of the White House’s “30 Days to Slow the Spread.” That energy is especially coming from some of the more economic and politically minded aides. “We are looking at when the data will allow the opportunity to reopen,” said the official. But there are “a lot ... Read more

COVID-19: Army ‘Running Out Of Time’ To Start New Hospitals « Breaking Defense

The Army Corps of Engineers is converting 17 sites nationwide into hospitals, with a total of 14,630 beds. WASHINGTON: “We’re beginning to run out of time,” the chief of the Army Corps of Engineers told reporters this afternoon. The Corps has contractors urgently at work turning stadiums, hotels, and other sites across the nation into hospitals, Lt. Gen. Todd Semonite said, but there are even more projects awaiting approval. Mayors and governors must get back to the Corps soon with the green light so they can start building those sites, he warned, or they probably won’t get built in time ... Read more

Wisconsin may be just the start of the 2020 election wars

Wisconsin voters braving lines in face masks — after a last-minute Supreme Court ruling against extending the absentee deadline — could foreshadow a nationwide legal struggle over how to conduct elections during the coronavirus outbreak, election experts say. Why it matters: “It’s a harbinger of what’s to come in the next skirmishes in the voting wars” from now through November, Richard Hasen, a professor and national election law expert at the University of California, Irvine, told Axios. Wisconsin’s breakdown showed how easily states’ election law battles — already marked by bitter clashes over voting rights — can be supercharged by the ... Read more

How to start your own survival garden

Now is the perfect time to plant a survival garden. (National Park Service/) This story originally featured on Outdoor Life. Looking for something to do while you’re stuck at home during the COVID-19 quarantine? Planning ahead for the day that the food pantry is bare? Gardening is a great activity in the springtime and anyone can grow food, even if you’re stuck in an apartment. You’ll just need a spot with ample sunlight, some dirt and water, something to start growing, and a generous amount of patience. Whether you’re gardening just as a pastime or doing it as a food ... Read more

Texas oil producers start shutting wells as coronavirus, dispute hurt prices

For decades in the tiny Texas panhandle town of Perryton, John Bozeman has bought oil and gas wells from companies and operated them for a lower cost and with better efficiency. “And I produce the wells until they’re no longer capable of producing,” Bozeman said, “and then I plug them up.” Recently, he’s been forced to plug some up even before they’ve produced all the oil they can. The far north Texas Panhandle is a world away from Saudi Arabia and Russia, yet the two leading oil-producing countries have been locked in an oil price dispute, leading the Saudis in ... Read more

Troops to start wearing face masks in public to prevent coronavirus spread

Service members will be instructed to start wearing face coverings and masks in public in the latest effort to limit the spread of the deadly coronavirus, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said in an interview Sunday morning. The move comes two days after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a national recommendation that citizens wear non-medical face coverings while in public. “These include places like grocery stores and pharmacies,” Surgeon General Jerome Adams said in a White House announcement Friday. “We especially recommend this in areas of significant community based transmission.” Esper, in an interview with ABC’s This Week, ... Read more

America’s small business coronavirus bailout is off to a bad start

Websites have crashed, phones are jammed and confusion reigns as businesses rushed at today’s kickoff to get their chunk of the $350 billion Paycheck Protection Program. Why it matters: This is a race to save jobs in the present and the future, and to ensure that as many workers as possible keep their benefits and paychecks during the coronavirus lockdown. The urgent sprint: To get every qualified business that needs a loan access to one before running out of cash. “Borrowers are waiting for their money but the banks’ hands are tied because they can’t get into the SBA’s portal,” ... Read more

Government Needs to Start Hiring People

The administration is totally screwing up the process of getting out the money that Congress approved to keep the economy from collapse. State unemployment offices are overwhelmed. As David Dayen reports, the banks that manage the emergency small-business loan program on behalf of the Small Business Administration are treating it as a profit center and taking their time in even inviting applications. The solution: The federal government needs to stop outsourcing these urgent programs to private bankers and to right-wing state governments that hate social programs. In Florida, where two Republican governors cut unemployment benefits to the bone, as a ... Read more

Go Ahead and Start a Business — But Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Executive Summary To many, starting your own business means leaving your job and your company behind. But many of the smartest professionals recognize that you can — and quite possibly should — keep both. The combination teaches you more, and faster, than would otherwise be possible, and enables you to custom-craft a career that’s uniquely interesting and meaningful to you. Image Source/Getty Images Many professionals dream about becoming their own boss — a full 62% of Americans, according to one survey. They often envision the classic image of entrepreneurship: triumphantly giving one’s notice, and then pounding the pavement to hunt ... Read more

The Coronavirus Case for Everyone to Start Wearing Masks or Bandannas

On Wednesday evening, Eric Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angeles, gave the people of his city a message regarding masks: if you really must go out on the street, for whatever reason, cover your mouth and nose. But don’t go out and buy N95 or surgical masks. Medical workers in hospitals thick with COVID-19 cases need those, and there are not enough even for them. For everyone else, a cloth mask, home-sewn or rigged up, or even a “tucked-in bandanna,” combined with social distancing, would at least be a start. “We’re going to have to get used to seeing each ... Read more