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How Republicans Defend Trump on Impeachment

For the last three years, Nunes has used his perch on the Intelligence Committee—first as chairman and now as ranking member—to do Trump’s bidding. That continued this morning, as he used his question time to try to get first Williams…

Donald Trump Is All Alone in the White House

A person close to Trump told me that the president feels isolated and has complained that he has no one in whom he can confide. “These heavy issues are weighing on him. He has nobody around him. There’s nobody,” this person said.Trump at…

Trump and Putin Talk Mueler: Politics Daily

2020 Watch: Washington Governor Jay Inslee, running for president on a climate-focused platform, just released a three-part plan to reshape the U.S. auto market, building code, and power grid over the next decade and a half: “You could…
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