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Democrats Have Found Their Battle Cry

As if on cue, the morning of Biden’s remarks, Trump “kidded” on Twitter about remaining in office well past his two terms and retweeted a far-right commentator praising the fact that Trump and like-minded strongmen such as Brazil’s Jair…

The Seasons After the Arab Spring

Sudanese women wave Sudanese flags during a demonstration in Khartoum, Sudan, on June 20, 2019. (REUTERS / Umit Bektas) Images of popular protests that recall the revolutionary movement of 2011 have dominated…

Trump Increases Economic Sanctions on Iran

Read: A boom time for U.S. sanctionsPompeo recently characterized weeks of Iranian provocations ahead of the drone shootdown—including explosions on energy tankers and missile and rocket attacks in Saudi Arabia and Iraq—as evidence of a…

Can Trump Actually Get a Deal With Iran?

Mousavian agreed that Iran doesn’t “want war” but added that Iran had abided by the nuclear deal for the past two years while only getting more sanctions and pressure in return, and “this trend can’t be continued.” He urged UN…
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