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How Dr. Seuss Changed Education in America

In 1939, at the age of thirty-five, Theodor Seuss Geisel was tinkering with an invention that was doomed to failure. Geisel had published a few books under the name Dr. Seuss, but he was hoping that a device he had patented, the…

What We’re Reading in the Summer of 2019

“Picture,” by Lillian RossLillian Ross’s “Picture,” originally published in 1952 and now happily reissued by the New York Review Books Classics imprint, is an immensely enjoyable work about the immensely unenjoyable process of making a…

Reading Myself Aloud | The New Yorker

I’m sitting in a small glass soundproof booth. A microphone, suspended from the ceiling, hangs in front of me. This is huge and round, like a luxury showerhead covered with fine metal mesh. Below it, on a slanting surface, lies the…
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