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Is a Recession Coming? Donald Trump Hopes Not

“Human beings who can get to the polls will vote,” Frank Luntz, a longtime pollster, told me. Interest in the election will be so fevered, Luntz quipped, that “a lot of dead people are going to come back to life to vote.”In the end, the…

El Paso Shooting: 2020 Candidate Responses

Harris did not detail exactly what she wants Trump to do, but in her platform on combatting gun violence, she pledges that if Congress fails to enact a comprehensive gun-safety package—including universal background checks, an…

Radio Atlantic: Rebuilding the Blue Wall

Subscribe to Radio Atlantic: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher (How to Listen)Listen to Edward-Isaac Dovere interview Dana Nessel on Radio Atlantic.DETROIT—A white moderate man can win statewide in Michigan, sure, but so can a…

Trump Ignores North Korea’s Missile Tests

In sending Washington and Seoul the occasional explosive reminder of how liable their détente is to suddenly dissipate, Kim is probably not aiming to nix the negotiations. He may, instead, be seeking to build leverage in those talks.…
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