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Trump’s Long List of Impeachment Enemies

Knowing Trump’s reflex is to lash out, aides have, in the past, warned him that character assassination is a bad idea. They told him to avoid savaging Special Counsel Robert Mueller, for example, advising that it would do him no good.…

How Trump’s Impeachment Plays Out on TV

Read: William Taylor’s big impeachment revealWith a deep, resonant voice that summoned memories of the most authoritative newscasters—his name and Walter Cronkite’s were trending together on Twitter shortly after his testimony began,…

William Taylor’s Big Impeachment Reveal

House Democrats called Taylor and George Kent, a deputy assistant secretary in the State Department, as their opening witnesses in the public impeachment hearings because the two veteran diplomats have made the most detailed and explicit…

The Mad Scramble for Syria

And in a sign of the chaotic trajectory of U.S. policy in Syria’s civil war, some of the militias now backed by Turkey were once American proxies, meaning America’s former partners have proved quite effective at helping dislodge their…
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