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On the Road with Mitski

Mitski, the indie musician, was eighteen when she wrote her first song. That may not seem particularly precocious in an era when adolescent pop phenoms release entire albums that were recorded in their parents’ house. But Mitski…

Is Mac DeMarco Growing Up?

Last fall, the singer-songwriter Mac DeMarco crouched backstage at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, in Colorado, chain-smoking Marlboro Reds. He’d taken the red-eye from Los Angeles after attending the funeral of a friend, the rapper Mac Miller,…

Maggie Rogers Wants to Keep It Real

Maggie Rogers, the twenty-five-year-old singer-songwriter, producer, and improbable pop star, had a couple of days off in the city the other week, before playing a sold-out show at the Hammerstein Ballroom. “Heard It in a Past Life,”…

Billie Eilish and the Changing Face of Pop

While performing at Coachella, earlier this month, the singer-songwriter Billie Eilish forgot the words to her song “All Good Girls Go to Hell.” Eilish, who is only seventeen, didn’t seem especially bothered by the lapse. She exuded a…

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