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The Audio App That’s Transforming Erotica

Not long ago, my co-worker Josh Rothman and I each listened to several hours of audio erotica—a broad swath of podcasts and such—as research for a proposed story about “sexy self-care.” Erotic podcasts, like many genres of podcast, have…

Three Podcasts to Listen to in July

Summer, with its bright sunshine, improved strolling conditions, and new vistas, is a great time to get perspective on contemporary life, podcast style—that is, through narrative satisfaction, with a forgiving ratio of insights to…

Three Podcasts to Listen to in June

Last year, the journalist Leon Neyfakh left Slate, and his excellent recent-history podcast “Slow Burn,” to join Luminary, a new subscription-driven podcast app that made its dramatic and wobbly début this spring. In the first two…

Three Podcasts to Listen to in April

Happy April, everyone! The Green New Deal is on our minds, Earth Day is coming up, and two of my podcast recommendations this month are about the environment and what we’ve done to it. On Monday in Podcast Dept., I reviewed “Richest…
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