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‘The Other Bennet Sister’ review: An alternate path for bookish Mary

Literary classics, books like Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice,” are woven into our collective lexicon. British author Janice Hadlow capitalizes on this awareness with her latest novel “The Other Bennet Sister.” Beginning with Austen’s familiar story, Hadlow gives us a book that is satisfyingly evocative of the earlier novel and yet strikingly contemporary. Hadlow focuses on Mary, the awkward middle sister from the Austen novel, the one whom most everyone overlooks. Her book is not a sequel nor is it really an interpretation. Rather, Hadlow retells the story from the vantage point of a figure given short shrift in the ... Read more

If You’re Burning Out, Carve a New Path

Executive Summary As leaders looks for new ways to improve workplace well-being, a relatively new concept has emerged: job crafting, a strategy that gives employees the chance to design their roles for a more meaningful experience of work. It involves making tweaks to how we perform tasks at work, or changing the way we perceive these tasks, so they stop feeling monotonous and instead feel novel and purposeful. This is the magic of job crafting: It transforms parts of our work that once felt meaningless into something that feels valued. For organizations looking to retain their top talent, it’s important ... Read more

Trump And Cuomo Are Looking For A Path Back To Normalcy

Self-isolation and a zero non-essential workforce is not sustainable. Donald Trump and Andrew Cuomo understand this and are looking for solutions. With New York City at a standstill, two of its most famous sons are getting a little antsy about getting things back to normal. The simple fact of the matter is that endlessly extending self-quarantine and a zero non-essential workforce is not a sustainable model. Can we do it for a few weeks? Maybe. Can we do it for several months? That gets real dicey real fast. President Donald Trump and Gov. Andrew Cuomo understand this. The president has ... Read more

Putin clears path to two more terms as Russia’s president. Why?

As a huge package of amendments that will completely overhaul Russia’s constitution worked its way through parliament this week, authorities unveiled a last-minute change that would allow Vladimir Putin to run again for president after what was meant to be his final term in that role. But Russian experts say that the sudden change in plan may not have been a power grab, but rather Russian elites’ desire for a steady hand in increasingly uncertain times. Analysts say the amendment that would allow Mr. Putin to potentially remain president until 2036 might have been brought on by the coronavirus panic, ... Read more

Joe Biden takes Michigan as path to 2020 nomination widens

Washington Joe Biden decisively won Michigan’s Democratic presidential primary, seizing a key battleground state that helped propel Bernie Sanders’ insurgent candidacy four years ago. The former vice president’s victory there, as well as in Missouri, Mississippi, and Idaho, dealt a serious blow to Sanders and substantially widened Mr. Biden’s path to the nomination. Mr. Biden again showed strength Tuesday with working-class voters and African Americans, who are vital to winning the Democratic nomination. Mr. Sanders’ narrow hopes for good news rested on North Dakota and Washington state. Washington’s primary was too early to call, and because all votes there are ... Read more

Bernie Sanders assesses his path forward after more big wins for Joe Biden

The big question for Bernie Sanders after Tuesday night’s losses: Is there a path back to the Democratic nomination, or is Joe Biden’s trajectory unstoppable? The state of play: Notably, Sanders did not comment on the results. Pressure ramped up on him to concede and Biden carefully began to turn his remarks to the general election after extending his delegate lead in “Super Tuesday 2,” with wins in Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri and Idaho. Biden, speaking in Philadelphia, made a measured pivot, saying he takes “nothing for granted” but that “this campaign is taking off” — and that he will speak ... Read more

Putin Sets Path to Stay On as Russia’s President to 2036

Vladimir Putin addresses lawmakers debating on the second reading of the constitutional reform bill during a session of the State Duma, Russia’s lower house of parliament, in Moscow on March 10. Photographer: Alexander Nemenov/AFP via Getty Images Photographer: Alexander Nemenov/AFP via Getty Images Vladimir Putin set the stage to stay on as Russia’s president for potentially another 16 years, saying the Constitutional Court should decide whether lawmakers can scrap the constitutional term limit that prevents him from ruling beyond 2024. “In principle, this option may be possible but on one condtion — that Russia’s Constitutional Court give an official ruling ... Read more

Air Force Changes Path of Entry for Enlisted Special Warfare Operators

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, Texas – To better afford enlisted recruits the time and opportunity to find the path of their greatest calling, the Air Force has created a single path of entry into the special warfare recruiting and initial training pipeline. The Special Warfare Operator Enlistment Vectoring program will officially commence in early April of this year with a new Air Force Specialty Code for accessions and the first shipment of special warfare candidates to the service’s basic military training. “On initial entry into the Air Force, the 9T500 AFSC will be the only path for new Airmen to ... Read more