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Will Trump and Kim Meet Again?

Biegun’s team and their North Korean counterparts had made serious headway on other commitments from the Singapore summit—through measures such as declaring an end to the Korean War, opening liaison offices in each other’s capitals, and…

Democrats Want to Repair Relationship with NATO

Others mentioned China, which also came under fire from the candidates as a top economic threat, and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand vowed to “engage” Iran to avert the war that she claimed Trump was “hell-bent” on starting with the country…

Can Trump Actually Get a Deal With Iran?

Mousavian agreed that Iran doesn’t “want war” but added that Iran had abided by the nuclear deal for the past two years while only getting more sanctions and pressure in return, and “this trend can’t be continued.” He urged UN…

The Military Is Not a Prop

Read: The military has become Trump’s favorite prop.A third is that Trump knew exactly what he was doing and it was all a big performance. That possibility is perhaps most supported by Trump’s own account and by his past history of using…
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