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Roger Stone’s Long History With Trump

1976–80: Stone works on Ronald Reagan’s two presidential campaignsIn 1976, Stone joined Reagan’s first failed presidential bid, working as his “youth director.” The following year, at 24 years old, Stone was elected chairman of the Young…

How DNC Chair Tom Perez Will Face 2020 Election

“What I don’t have right now is an immediate set of tools that I can say to this group: ‘Next week, we can do the following to help you,’” Perez told me. “What we do have right now is what we’re building ... and that ‘we’ is not just us,…

Who Is Retiring From Congress in 2020?

Susan Davis, California’s 53rd Congressional District2016 presidential election: +34.9 Clinton 2018 House election: +38.2 Davis has represented a heavily Democratic district in San Diego since 2001. Though she didn’t quite…

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