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What is a continuing resolution?

WASHINGTON ― A continuing resolution, or CR, is a temporary measure Congress can use to fund the government for a limited time. CRs are typically used to buy time for lawmakers to enact longer-term spending measures. The passage of a…

New worries about the NDAA

Senate Armed Services Committee officials this week will release a “skinny” defense authorization bill plan as lawmakers grow increasingly pessimistic about the possibility of reaching a compromise on a host of disputed issues with the…

Will impeachment delay defense funding?

Congress returns to Capitol Hill this week with a host of defense budget work left unfinished as impeachment efforts loom over everything. Defense lawmakers in the House and Senate are also pushing their respective leadership to…

NDAA would fully fund A-10 Warthog upgrades

The A-10 has come a long way since its dark days of 2015. About four years ago, the Warthog’s future was very much in doubt as the Air Force was trying to mothball the slow, deadly and grunt-beloved close-air support attack aircraft.…
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