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Roger Stone’s Crimes | The New Yorker

Roger Stone is now a convicted felon, which is one honorific he had avoided during his decades of tumultuous public life. He was convicted on Friday of witness tampering and making false statements to the House Intelligence Committee, on…

Races to Watch in 2019: The Politics Daily

It’s Tuesday, November 5. We’re still combing through newly released testimonies from key characters in the Ukraine affair.In today’s newsletter: ¶ People. Gordon Sondland. ¶ Places. Arizona, Kentucky, Mississippi, Virginia. ¶ Things.…

How Collusion Confusion Helps Trump

More than any American President, Donald Trump strains credulity. Of the ten-thousand-plus false or misleading statements he has made during his Presidency that fact-checkers have documented so far, one of the baldest claims came on…

House Democrats Inch Along on Impeachment

As divided as House Democrats might be about impeachment—around sixty members, a small but growing minority, are thought to support beginning proceedings now—the caucus is united in support of facilitating the House’s ongoing…

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