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The race is on to develop the moon

To some people, “working remotely” sounds like a code word for sitting around in your PJs watching Netflix all day. But many professionals, managers and otherwise, recognize the value of the flexibility and independence that comes with…

Goodnight Moon Landing | The New Yorker

I used to think that, some day, I would go to the moon. This is partly because I was born in 1958 and grew up in an era when humanity’s future in the stars seemed as assured as a bleak end on a battered, bruised, and overheated Earth…

A New Space Race, for Lawyers

“Beautiful, just beautiful,” the astronaut Michael Collins said, watching as Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, his fellow members of the Apollo 11 mission, worked to plant the U.S. flag in the moon’s dusty surface. That first moon landing…

The Race to Develop the Moon

In January, the China National Space Administration landed a spacecraft on the far side of the moon, the side we can’t see from Earth. Chang’e-4 was named for a goddess in Chinese mythology, who lives on the moon for reasons connected to…
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