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Nato implements measures to combat Covid-19

Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg calls a video meeting of the alliance’s foreign ministers to order in Brussels on 2 April, 2020. Credit: Nato. Sign-up to the Army Technology newsletter New technologies News New products Essential guides Visit our Covid-19 microsite for the latest coronavirus news, analysis and updates Follow the latest updates of the outbreak on our timeline. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (Nato) has taken steps to combat the outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Nato called for a video meeting of its allied foreign ministers in Brussels, Belgium, for which ministers from 30 countries have connected. The defence ministers have gathered ... Read more

Off-base businesses in Japan feel the squeeze of US military’s anti-virus measures – Pacific

Off-base businesses in Japan feel the squeeze of US military’s anti-virus measures Stars and Stripes is making stories on the coronavirus pandemic available free of charge. See other free reports here. Sign up for our daily coronavirus newsletter here. Please support our journalism with a subscription. MARINE CORPS AIR STATION IWAKUNI, Japan — Junki Kaku, the owner of Poem and Good Fellows, two bars in downtown Iwakuni, pointed to the empty streets of the Naka Dori district on St. Patrick’s Day. “It’s like martial law here,” he said. “There’s no one.” Normally, American service members from ... Read more

Air Force Academy Eases Up On Isolation Measures After Suicides

The Air Force Academy is easing up on social distancing restrictions following two suicides that occurred less than a week after the measures were implemented to prevent the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus, The Colorado Springs Gazette reported on Tuesday. In the wake of the ongoing pandemic, the academy had sent freshman, sophomores, and juniors home but kept nearly 1,000 seniors on campus in an effort to push the students to graduation with just a few weeks left in the school year. The remaining students were separated across vacated dorm rooms with strict rules to keep the virus from rapidly ... Read more

Indian Army Prepares to Assist in Virus Response Measures – The Diplomat

Asia Defense | Security | South Asia The Indian Army is training to assist in COVID–19 containment efforts, if needed. Advertisement Amid a nationwide lockdown in response to the coronavirus disease (COVID–19) pandemic, the Indian Army has started training personnel to participate in assisting state authorities in enforcement efforts. India’s lockdown, affecting some 1.3 billion people, is the largest national policy response of its type to the ongoing pandemic in the world. According to the Economic Times, the Indian Army has started training troops on how they might collaborate with law enforcement authorities to make sure that lockdown rules are followed. “A major part ... Read more

Coronavirus measures in Africa escalate to violence as police, military enforce lockdowns

Get all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox. Sign up here. As coronavirus cases in Africa rose above 4,000 on Saturday, several countries have taken escalating measures to enforce lockdowns and curfews in the hopes of preventing the disease from spreading. Tear gas, rubber bullets and a military raid were some of the reported actions authorities have taken amid the global COVID-19 pandemic. CLICK HERE FOR FULL CORONAVIRUS COVERAGE South African President Cyril Ramaphosa imposed one of the strictest lockdown orders in Africa on Friday, authorizing the government to call upon the army to enforce it. ... Read more

Trump signed the $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill, but says he won’t comply with transparency measures

President Donald Trump said on Friday that he will not adhere to a portion of the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill that would authorize an inspector general to oversee how $500 billion in business loans will be spent. In a statement released early Friday evening, Trump announced that he had signed into law the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security or CARES Act, a relief package aimed at mitigating some of the economic fallout caused by efforts to allay the spread of Covid-19. That bill also establishes a Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery (SIGPR) within the Treasury Department to ... Read more

Industry dodges restrictive House measures in Senate’s bailout bill

WASHINGTON — The $2 trillion economic stimulus package passed by the Senate late Wednesday includes provisions limiting stock dividends for companies that accept governmental loans — but avoids the more restrictive language that was included in the House version of the legislation. The Senate language, which is expected to be adopted by the House and signed into law by President Donald Trump, also contains $10.5 billion in funding for the Department of Defense to combat the fallout from the new coronavirus pandemic. No dividends or other capital distributions of stock can occur until 12 months after the loan has been ... Read more

Energy Exec Says He’s Willing To Go To Extreme Measures To ‘Keep the Lights On and the Gas Flowing’

Attention, people: You are just as hungry as you were before COVID-19. You don’t need more toilet paper or paper towels than you already had. You don’t need to hoard. Things will be all right. I know, things will be difficult for a spell. My internet was having problems on Saturday and Sunday and I felt like the world was ending. But it wasn’t, my internet is getting back to normal and things will be fine — thanks to the tireless blue-collar workers who brave the possibility of getting the virus and go out to work on our infrastructure every ... Read more

Coronavirus safety measures at local military bases cause headaches for drivers

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – Extra safety measures being taken at local military bases in response to the coronavirus pandemic are adding up to a bit of a headache for drivers. In a weekend news release, Joint Base San Antonio announced that there likely would be delays at all bases including Lackland, Randolph and Fort Sam Houston. Monday morning, that prediction appeared to come true, particularly at JBSA-Lackland. At one point, two lanes of traffic heading onto the base were backed up about a quarter mile. “Welcome to my life,” shouted one driver as he passed a KSAT 12 News camera. ... Read more

German Cabinet Agrees to 750 Billion Euros in Emergency Aid Measures

As the corona crisis sweeps over Germany, the government in Berlin has assembled an unprecedented aid package aimed at supporting families, renters, employees, freelancers and companies. The cabinet, under the leadership of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, agreed on Monday to several vast protective measures and far-reaching changes to the legal code. To ensure that the aid reaches its intended recipients quickly, the Bundestag, Germany’s parliament, is to consider the aid packages on Wednesday, with the Bundesrat, the German deliberative body that represents the country’s 16 federal states, following on Friday. The government is making massive amounts of money available. After ... Read more