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Why Trump Is Loyal to Rudy Giuliani

So yes, Republicans largely agree that Trump would be better served sans Giuliani (who told me last Wednesday evening that he is in fact still the president’s personal attorney). But they also agree on something else: Giuliani isn’t…

Going to Jail for Substance-Abuse Treatment

Judges and others have praised Cocchi’s program in Hampden County, particularly for its role helping those in rural communities where services are scarce. In addition to touting the health benefits of the program, Cocchi has repeatedly…

G20 Meeting Could See New Global Data Rules

Chinese law explicitly states that the government has a right to demand that companies turn over data for unspecified national-security reasons. As a result, EU officials have indicated that China may never be eligible for a legal…

Many States Are Adopting Rape-Kit Tracking Systems

Across the country, lawmakers started to consider ways to address the problem. In 2015,  Wayne County, Michigan, formed a coalition to brainstorm how to best address 11,000 untested sexual-assault kits discovered in a Detroit storage…
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