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Radio Atlantic: Elissa Slotkin on Impeachment

The op-ed, Slotkin told me, was prompted by Rudy Giuliani’s meltdown in an interview with Chris Cuomo two weeks ago over Trump’s Ukraine phone call, leading to a running text chain with the seven Democrats as they learned more details…

Attacking California Is Easy Trump Bait

Read: Trump’s war on blue America“The bottom line is Trump doesn’t get that the California suburbs reflect the views of suburban voters all over the country,” Carrick says.In fact, Baldassare notes, air quality and environmental safety…

Trump’s Ukraine Call Is Part of a Pattern

His call to Ukraine’s president, in which he reportedly pushed for that country’s government to investigate his political rival Joe Biden, may be the purest example. And as I wrote last week, it poses perhaps the gravest threat to…

The Problem With The Whistleblower System

“It’s one of the biggest frustrations—that the people you’re blowing the whistle on have so much say over this,” David Colapinto, a founder and general counsel of the National Whistleblower Center, told me.This summer, according to news…
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