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Singin’ in the Acid Rain

Dear Parents,What an exciting year 2058 has been for our third-grade class. Summer is just about to begin, and already we’ve seen a hundred and forty-eight days of rain and a lightning bolt that spelled “Wear a hat.” As we prepare for…

Reasons I Was Crying on the Subway

I was listening to a sad part of an audiobook.I’d just remembered that I forgot to take my anti-crying medication.When I was waiting on the platform, something ran over my foot. I looked down and realized that it was the train.I was…

Healing Crystals and How to Shoplift Them

Rose quartz opens up your heart chakra and can attract new romantic relationships. Try holding this stone up to your chest and taking a deep breath in through your nose as you slide the quartz through a gap between your shirt buttons.…

The Most Authentic Bistro in Paris

This is my first-ever TripAdvisor review, but I just had to write one for my new favorite restaurant in Paris, Chez Colette. If you are expecting some Disney version of Paris, then this restaurant is not for you. This is truly an…
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