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But What About | The New Yorker

Did I rob the bank? Sure. But what about the bank? Banks commit white-collar crimes all the time—in this case, the crime of having money that I wanted. So that’s on them. It’s called entrapment, and there is a movie with that title where…

Campaign Slogans for the Centrist Party

The nation is divided. Loved ones tweeting at loved ones. What the American people need now more than ever is a party that can unite the entire country in disappointment. That’s where we step in: the Centrist Party. In 2020, we want you…

Singin’ in the Acid Rain

Dear Parents,What an exciting year 2058 has been for our third-grade class. Summer is just about to begin, and already we’ve seen a hundred and forty-eight days of rain and a lightning bolt that spelled “Wear a hat.” As we prepare for…
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