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Turkey and NATO Troubled Relationship

What about the air base though? “Incirlik is an albatross,” said one former senior administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity. “But there are people in for whom Turkey is sacrosanct and all of its problems—busting US…

Democrats Have Found Their Battle Cry

As if on cue, the morning of Biden’s remarks, Trump “kidded” on Twitter about remaining in office well past his two terms and retweeted a far-right commentator praising the fact that Trump and like-minded strongmen such as Brazil’s Jair…

Letters From the July 15-22, 2019, Issue

Cruel and Inhuman The force-feeding of prisoners on hunger strike, so powerfully described by Aviva Stahl in “Gag Order” , would not be possible without the active complicity of medical professionals. Whether or not the practice…
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