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The Quest for the Next Great Hip-Hop Festival

At the moment, the Rolling Loud Festival reigns as the king of hip-hop festivals. The inaugural edition took place in 2015, at a warehouse in Miami’s Wynwood Art District, with performances by more than a hundred rappers, including Awful…

What Is Musical Genre Exactly?

Lil Nas X.(Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Records)A rogue stallion galloped triumphantly through the well-worn path of Billboard's Hot Country Charts last month. As with many an outlaw stopover, if you blinked, you missed it.The stallion in

Nipsey Hussle Embodied the Best of Hip-Hop

The rapper Nipsey Hussle played the long game, and he played in South Central Los Angeles, a place where it is far from guaranteed that such efforts will be rewarded. On Sunday afternoon, all of his potential futures came crashing down…
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