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What Is Musical Genre Exactly?

Lil Nas X.(Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Records)A rogue stallion galloped triumphantly through the well-worn path of Billboard's Hot Country Charts last month. As with many an outlaw stopover, if you blinked, you missed it.The stallion in

Nipsey Hussle Embodied the Best of Hip-Hop

The rapper Nipsey Hussle played the long game, and he played in South Central Los Angeles, a place where it is far from guaranteed that such efforts will be rewarded. On Sunday afternoon, all of his potential futures came crashing down…

Ten Years of Swag Surfin’

The first time I can vividly recall Swag Surfin’ was during Howard University’s inauguration ball for President Obama. That occasion, which would have been in January of 2009, doesn’t align with the official release date of “Swag Surfin’…
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