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Mullets are back as Navy relaxes grooming standard

WASHINGTON — To limit the spread of COVID-19, the Navy has announced the temporary loosening of its notoriously strict grooming standards. “We’re still going to make everyone go to work where they will be exposed to the virus,” said Acting Navy Secretary James E. McPherson. “[Former Acting SecNav Thomas] Modly’s idea was to let them have a little fun with it, like wacky hair day in elementary school.” Sailors across the globe are elated over the “no haircuts” rule, though reports indicate that they are also coughing and struggling for breath. Marine Corps leaders also toyed with a similar shift ... Read more

Get ‘A Pair of Scissors:’ Army Grooming Standards Still in Effect, Officials Say

The Army‘s chief of staff joked Tuesday that the service would consider issuing scissors to soldiers, but there are no current plans to follow the other military branches in relaxing grooming standards — especially haircut regs — during the novel coronavirus pandemic. Gen. James McConville joined Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy and Sergeant Major of the Army Michael Grinston for a Facebook Live event Tuesday to answer questions from the force. Some services have relaxed grooming standards since many barber shops have closed and social distancing policies have made it difficult for troops to have their hair cut professionally. Grinston said ... Read more