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First GPS 3 maneuver performed by 2nd Space Operations Squadron

The 2nd Space Operations Squadron performed the first station keeping maneuver on a GPS III satellite to Satellite Vehicle Number 75 at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado, May 14. The maneuver set a new standard for how GPS maneuvers should be conducted for the squadron that provides precision, navigation and timing signals to billions of users around the world. A station keeping maneuver is performed to keep vehicles in their node (or parking spots in orbit) and involves burning the satellite’s thrusters and changing the vehicles speed at a particular point in its orbit. This ... Read more

FCC: DoD Did NOT Offer Classified Info On Ligado’s GPS Harm « Breaking Defense

FCC Chair Ajit Pai (center), and Commissioners WASHINGTON: The FCC is shooting back at congressional criticism that it failed to review classified evidence of GPS jamming by Ligado’s planned 5G wireless network, saying: the Pentagon did not offer any such information. In a statement to Breaking D today, a spokesperson for the beleaguered FCC said: “The FCC is required by law to make its decision based on the facts in the record, and federal agencies, including the Department of Defense, were provided with multiple opportunities to put whatever facts they believed to be relevant into the record, including classified information, ... Read more

Coronavirus Not Slowing Russian, Chinese Space Activities, US General Says

Meanwhile, the U.S. has delayed several launches amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Russia and China continue to launch military rockets and test space weapons amid the coronavirus pandemic, a top U.S. general said Tuesday. “Unfortunately in the case of the Russians, their increasing penchant for unsafe and what I would consider unacceptable behavior in space has not slowed down,” Lt. Gen. David Thompson, the U.S. Space Force vice commander, said at a Mitchell Institute event. “I can’t tell you what they’re doing with their crews and their individuals, but based on their macro-level activities, their cadence has certainly not slowed down.” Russia tested ... Read more

US Risks Losing 5G Standard Setting Battle To China, Experts Say « Breaking Defense

WASHINGTON: The United States needs to take a stronger role in setting international standards for 5G networks or risk losing the international market to China and undercutting US national security. Washington is faltering due to a lack of coherent policy on a wide swathe of foundational issues such as spectrum management for 5G usage, network supply chain security, infrastructure development and data sharing, experts say. As Breaking D readers know, the question of spectrum access is at the heart of DoD’s fierce battle to overturn the FCC’s approval last month of a plan by Ligado to convert L-band spectrum for ... Read more

US military is furious at FCC over 5G plan that could interfere with GPS

Enlarge / Dana Deasy, Department of Defense chief information officer, testifies during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on May 6, 2020 in Washington, DC. Getty Images GPS is facing a major interference threat from a 5G network approved by the Federal Communications Commission, US military officials told Congress in a hearing on Wednesday. In testimony to the Senate Committee on Armed Services, Department of Defense Chief Information Officer Dana Deasy disputed the FCC’s claims that conditions imposed on the Ligado network will protect GPS from interference. When the FCC approved Ligado’s plan last month, the agency required a 23MHz guard ... Read more

EXCLUSIVE GPS Fight Erupts As Trimble Accuses Ligado Of ‘Inaccurate’ Claims In FCC Ruling « Breaking Defense

WASHINGTON: Trimble, one of the the GPS manufacturers caught up in DoD’s battle to block the FCC’s approval of Ligado’s planned 5G mobile communications network, is accusing Ligado of misrepresentation. “Ligado has made inaccurate statements about Trimble’s agreement with Ligado, and these inaccurate statements are reflected in the FCC’s decision,” a spokesperson told Breaking D in an email today. Ligado has swung back, arguing that Trimble has simply changed its mind in the wake of objections by some of its major customers — which not surprisingly include DoD and the Federal Aviation Administration. “Trimble’s recent press statement obviously indicates they ... Read more

DoD Pushes To Reverse FCC OK Of Ligado 5G Network « Breaking Defense

WASHINGTON: DoD is pressing for the FCC to reverse its controversial decision to approve Ligado’s plan to create a mobile 5G communications network, one the Pentagon asserts will jam GPS receivers. “It is clear to DoD that the risk to GPS far outweighs the benefits of this FCC decision. And the FCC needs to reverse their decision,” DoD CIO Dana Deasy told the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) hearing during a marathon hearing this afternoon. A formal “re-petition” action has to be taken by National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) by the end of May. NTIA, which falls under the ... Read more

Pentagon, Senators Blast FCC Decision to Let Company Share GPS Spectrum

Space Force chief, Pentagon tech leaders, and the Armed Services chairman led calls to reconsider the controversial license for Ligado. It’s rare to watch lawmakers from both parties and Defense Department leaders come together, especially during a global pandemic. But that happened on Wednesday when the Senate Armed Services Committee convened to denounce an FCC decision they said endangers the GPS, and national security. The event wasn’t so much a hearing as a communal wailing and gnashing of teeth in the style of a Greek chorus. The FCC on April 16 had granted communications company Ligado Networks a license to use a ... Read more

CSAF Goldfein’s Top COVID-19 Supply Chain Worry: F-35 « Breaking Defense

Gen. David Goldfein WASHINGTON: Gen. Jay Raymond, as head of Space Command, will lead efforts to determine how to combat expected interference with GPS receivers from the future Ligado 5G wireless mobile communication network, says Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein. “We are both very concerned about this,” Goldfein told the Defense Writers Group this morning. “The best way I’ve heard it described … is, if you’re in a room trying to have a quiet conversation, and in the next room you’ve got a 500-watt speaker blaring music. Chief Raymond and I are looking at different mitigation steps,” he ... Read more

‘Astonishingly Misguided:’ HASC & SASC Hammer FCC Chair For Ligado 5G Approval « Breaking Defense

FCC Chair Ajit Pai (center), and Commissioners WASHINGTON: House and Senate Armed Service Committee leaders from both parties are lambasting FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s draft decision to approve Ligado’s proposed 5G mobile communications network over Pentagon objections that it will interfere with GPS. But it’s not clear they will actually do much to stop the decision. Why? Given the Federal Communication Commission’s independent status, it is unclear just how much power the defense committees can exert to change the course, especially if the decision is formally approved by all five commissioners. That said, the political pressure on the FCC and ... Read more