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U.S. government to pay trucker $1.5M for crash involving military vehicle

A Washington federal court awarded a Nevada trucker nearly $1.5 million after a U.S. government military vehicle crashed into her truck, causing substantial injuries. On March 23, Judge Richard A. Jones concluded after a bench trial that Anna Ream was entitled to more than $1.45 million from the U.S. government for a crash involving a military vehicle. Jones determined the following damages: $883, 983 for past and future medical expenses. $333,800 for future loss of wages. $100,000 for past pain, suffering and disability. $86,965 for past loss of wages. $50,000 for future pain, suffering and disability. In August 2013, two ... Read more

Don’t Blame All Chinese People For The Actions Of Their Evil Government

As the confirmed number of coronavirus cases surpassed 1 million worldwide, and there is no end in sight for the prolonged lockdown in many countries, the call for holding communist China accountable for the coronavirus pandemic is getting louder. It’s important that in our quest for justice, we distinguish between the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Chinese people. At fault for the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus is the CCP. Driven by the CCP’s overarching desire to suppress any bad news for the sake of social, economic, and political stability, Chinese government officials silenced Wuhan’s whistleblowers, covered up the ... Read more

Military promises Pakistani doctors gear to fight virus

QUETTA – Pakistan’s military promised Tuesday that dozens of doctors who were briefly jailed for protesting a lack of protective equipment needed to treat the growing number of coronavirus cases will get the equipment they need. The 47 doctors protested in Quetta, the capital of southwestern Baluchistan province, on Monday, when they were detained. They were released later the same day, according to provincial spokesman Liaquat Shahwani. An army statement on Tuesday said the “emergency supplies of medical equipment, including PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) are being dispatched to Quetta.” However, some of the doctors said they were mistreated by police ... Read more

Cuomo Thanks the Chinese Government After Billionaires Donate Ventilators

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo shared high praise for China’s lying, authoritarian communist regime after his state received a donation of 2,000 ventilators over the weekend. Yes, the Democrat commended the same government that is responsible for the deaths of more than 4,700 people in his state from the coronavirus, in addition to turning New York City into an economic ghost town. ABC News reported New York received the ventilators Saturday thanks to the generosity of billionaire Chinese tech giant Alibaba co-founders Jack Ma and Joseph Tsai. Oregon sent an additional 140 breathing machines to the Empire State, which has ... Read more

Federal government relaxes Medicare Advantage regulations amid coronavirus

Federal payments to Medicare Advantage companies will increase by 1.66% in 2021, and several of the insurance program’s policies are being waived or changed due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services said Monday. The bottom line: Medicare Advantage continues to grow at a lofty rate, and the Trump administration is protecting those health insurers through the pandemic and into next year. By the numbers: The 1.66% payment rate hike for 2021 plans was higher than the proposed rate, but lower than what the industry got for 2020. Depending on how many medical codes Medicare Advantage ... Read more

Coordinated government action combats COVID-19-related robocalls | American Enterprise Institute

Robocalls, long the bane of telecom providers and consumers alike, have proliferated during the COVID-19 pandemic. As state quarantines create captive audiences, scammers are hawking fraudulent medical equipment, financial advice, and even coronavirus cures to steal from unwitting victims. Fortunately, last week the government announced it would use new legal authority to take unprecedented action — action that, if successful, may demonstrate an effective new approach in the battle against robocalls. via Twenty20 COVID-19 exacerbates robocall problem As Politico’s Morning Tech newsletter reported last week, the current pandemic has prompted a new genre of COVID-19-themed robocalls (and robotexts). In an ... Read more

Could short-term government assistance make the COVID-19 recession worse? | American Enterprise Institute

The CARES Act offers immediate massive cash payments to businesses small and not so small in order to keep them and their employees intact and out of bankruptcy. These well-intentioned policies are designed to facilitate a V-shaped recovery once the danger of COVID-19 subsides. But what if these hopes are dashed and COVID-19 triggers fundamental changes in the economy? What if thousands of businesses are no longer viable in a COVID-19 world? Under this scenario, the CARES Act will prolong the inevitable demise of many businesses, delay recovery, and add to the cost of the crisis instead of reducing it.  ... Read more

Government tech struggles to dole out coronavirus stimulus cash

Tech challenges are hampering federal and state government efforts to get funds from the $2 trillion coronavirus relief law into the hands of newly unemployed workers and struggling small businesses who need it. Why it matters: Many businesses and individuals need the money now for essentials, including meeting payroll and paying rent. Here are three major issues: The CARES Act expands unemployment eligibility to gig workers and freelancers but many states’ unemployment programs run on antiquated systems. New Jersey, for example, put out a call for people who have experience with Cobol, a now ancient programming language still used in ... Read more

Government and policy update from the New Statesman

The prime minister, Boris Johnson, was admitted to hospital on Sunday evening with persistent symptoms of Covid-19. He was diagnosed on 27 March, and is one of several high-profile members of the UK government to fall ill. Downing Street has described the admission as a “precautionary step”. Kier Starmer, who succeeded Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party this weekend, pledged to ask “difficult questions” of the Conservatives amid the Covid-19 pandemic, adding that the UK had been too slow in its testing process and that safety equipment for workers was lacking. Starmer has made Oxford East MP Annelise Dodds the new shadow ... Read more

What You Need to Do to Get Your Government Stimulus Check

The IRS and the Treasury Department say Americans will start receiving their economic impact checks within the next few weeks. The payments are part of the $2.2 trillion rescue package signed into law last week by President Donald Trump aimed at combating the economic ravages of the coronavirus outbreak. Most people don’t need to do anything to get the money. But some populations who don’t typically file returns — including senior citizens and low-income people who might not traditionally file tax returns — may be confused. The government urged them to file taxes and then later reversed course for certain ... Read more