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Military promises Pakistani doctors gear to fight virus

QUETTA – Pakistan’s military promised Tuesday that dozens of doctors who were briefly jailed for protesting a lack of protective equipment needed to treat the growing number of coronavirus cases will get the equipment they need. The 47 doctors protested in Quetta, the capital of southwestern Baluchistan province, on Monday, when they were detained. They were released later the same day, according to provincial spokesman Liaquat Shahwani. An army statement on Tuesday said the “emergency supplies of medical equipment, including PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) are being dispatched to Quetta.” However, some of the doctors said they were mistreated by police ... Read more

Germany Is Failing in its Efforts To Obtain Protective Gear

By Jörg Blech, Matthias Gebauer, Kristina Gnirke, Julia Amalia Heyer, Christoph Hickmann, Christiane Hoffmann, Nils Klawitter, Martin U. Müller, Cornelia Schmergal und Christoph Schult When Hamburg dentist Norman von Sternberg ran out of face masks in late February, it looked as if he would have to close his practice. The market for masks has been swept clean. Frustrated, Sternberg got creative: He borrowed a mask made of black rubber, with attachable filters to keep out gases and vapors, from a friend who paints cars. He equipped his assistant with a snorkel mask. This, at least, allowed him to continue treating ... Read more

$4.1 Million in U.S. Military Gear Unaccounted for in Syrian War, Some Due to Trump’s ‘Unexpected Withdrawal’

The U.S. Army failed to properly account for $4.1 million in gear during the war against the Islamic State in Syria, according to a new report published by the Pentagon’s Office of the Inspector General. Published Thursday, the report noted that 79 pieces of theater-provided equipment (TPE) were not adequately accounted for, some because of poor internet connection, and some because of President Donald Trump’s abrupt decision to withdraw U.S. troops from the war torn nation. The OIG report said that 1,124 pieces of equipment including vehicles, laptops, and communication devices worth $45.6 million was taken from Syria as of ... Read more

Save money and protect the environment by repurposing your old outdoor gear

These have seen better days. The good news is, they will again. (Th G / Pixabay /) Most hikers and campers have at least one torn and tattered piece of gear they refuse to let go. Those are the items that tell the stories of what we’ve seen, where we’ve been, and the muddy canyons and thorny bushes we’ve gone through to get there. But just because a beloved jacket or tent has seen better days doesn’t mean it should go in the trash. In fact, you can often repurpose your old gear by using it to create something new. ... Read more

NYC Reportedly Bribing Prisoners with Anti-Virus Gear To Dig Mass Graves

New York City is reportedly using its Rikers Island jail workforce to dig mass graves, seemingly in anticipation of the fallout from the city’s spike in coronavirus cases. To lure convicts (those in jail awaiting trial are not part of the arrangement) into joining the work detail, the prison system is even offering a major increase in pay over what jobs normally pay behind bars, as well as access to masks and protective gear that much of the general population would have a hard time securing, according to a new report. While the prisoners will reportedly be handed gear for ... Read more

Washington Doctor Fired for Warning About Lack of Protective Gear

Dr. Li Wenliang is no longer with us, sadly, to share what made him 2019’s most epic whistleblower — including, yes, even that one. Li was the first doctor to sound the alarm in Wuhan, China, in late December about a SARS-like disease that would later become known as COVID-19. For alerting users in a WeChat group, Dr. Li was dragged down to his local police station. where he was forced to sign a statement stating he had been “spreading rumors.” For this, he was let go with a misdemeanor. He would die shortly after, a victim of the disease he ... Read more

Grassroots 3D printing efforts help produce medical safety gear

March 26 (UPI) — Community efforts to make medical protective equipment on 3D printers have sprung up around the United States in the last week to respond to urgent shortages caused by the coronavirus. As major manufacturers — such as Ford Motors, 3M and General Electric — announce projects to produce safety equipment, schools, dentists and 3D printing shops from Montana to New York have launched their own efforts using high-tech printers. Many hospitals have asked their staffs to reuse protective equipment, such as masks, gowns, gloves and face shields, and physicians report that existing supplies could run out in ... Read more

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By David Cranedavid (at) defensereview (dot) com March 25, 2020 It wouldn’t be SHOT Show if DefenseReview (DR) didn’t stop by the Patriot Ordnance Factory (POF-USA) booth to see our old friend Frank DeSomma and the company’s latest wares, which are always interesting and intriguing. This year (at SHOT Show 2020) was no exception, as Mr. DeSomma showed us the new POF-USA Rogue, which is an ultra-lightweight 7.62x51mm NATO/.308 Win. MSR (Modern Sporting Rifle)-type tactical AR carbine/SBR (Short Barreled Rifle)/pistol. How light? Try 5.7 lbs (pounds). Oh, das right. It’s THAT light. However, we don’t yet know which variant (carbine, ... Read more

Israel’s military and security forces gear up to enter the COVID-19 fray

(March 17, 2020 / Israel Hayom) Israel’s military and security forces are reportedly gearing up to step in and assist civilian authorities in managing the COVID-19 outbreak. According to the Israeli Health Ministry’s latest numbers, there are currently 304 COVID-19 patients in Israel, four of whom are in serious condition. The ministry fears as many as 3,000 cases have yet to be diagnosed. Over 50,000 Israelis are currently under home quarantine as part of drastic measures by the government to stem the spread of the outbreak, that have considerably slowed the country’s economy. While the government has so far refrained ... Read more

These New G-Shock Watches Have Been Given Full-On Military Treatment • Gear Patrol

These New G-Shock Watches Have Been Given Full-On Military Treatment • Gear Patrol Tough, pragmatic features for use by professionals in demanding environments has remained an underlying purpose behind much of Casio G-Shock’s design — even as the famously indestructible watches have become colorful icons of street fashion. Sometimes, though, those different sides of the Japanese brand’s personality coalesce, and the new Street Utility Military series is just that. Indeed, the new models would seem equally appropriate for street wear, on a construction site, or on the wrist of active-duty military personnel. G-Shock is continuously releasing new designs and colors ... Read more