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DNC moves to Zoom for a virtual fundraiser amid coronavirus crisis

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, video conference tool Zoom has become the go-to app for bringing home everything from work to school — and now it’s being used for political fundraising. What’s new: On Tuesday, Silicon Valley technologists used Zoom to host the Democratic National Committee’s first virtual fundraiser, which featured DNC technology chief Nell Thomas and Deck Technologies founder Max Woods.  The event was initially planned to be in-person, but like so much else, went virtual, co-host and venture capitalist Roy Bahat tells Axios.  What they’re saying: “We’ve hosted a lot of fundraisers since 2016, and it was better than ... Read more

Pete Buttigieg’s top fundraiser and Nest’s founder are a Silicon Valley power couple

Swati Mylavarapu still remembers the $20 check she sent to Pete Buttigieg by snail-mail in 2010. Now, a decade later, Mylavarapu is the national finance chair of Buttigieg’s presidential bid — and she’s spending 100,000 times as much on Democratic causes in 2020. Mylavarapu and husband Matt Rogers, who founded Nest and sold it to Google for $3 billion, are planning to spend at least $2 million on politics this year, a sum that will catapult them into the ranks of the top Democratic donors in the country. Each in their late 30s, Mylavarapu and Rogers epitomize a new class ... Read more

Wildlife Victoria Fundraiser – Halfbreed Blades

Wildlife Victoria Fundraiser – Halfbreed Blades With the devastation caused by the Australian bush fire disaster, it’s estimated approximately 1.25 billion animals have been killed across Australia to date. This includes thousands of koalas and many other indigenous species burnt alive, and thousands more injured and homeless. In an effort to do their part, HALFBREED BLADES is offering a Limited Edition Drop Bear morale patch to raise funds for Australia Wildlife. $10.00 from the sale of every patch will be donated to Wildlife Victoria to help our native koalas and their friends get back on their feet. A limited run ... Read more