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Coronavirus lockdown brings rise in domestic violence calls in France

It’s a trend seen across Europe since lockdowns began to contain the coronavirus pandemic. Britain’s National Domestic Abuse Helpline has seen a 25% rise in calls and online reporting of domestic abuse, while Spain’s emergency number for domestic violence noted 18% more calls during the first two weeks of lockdown than the same period one month prior. The lockdown has particularly highlighted the vulnerability of many women in France – where in recent years, one woman has been killed due to domestic violence every three days. French police recorded a 36% jump in reports of domestic abuse in Paris during the ... Read more

Baking Bread in Lyon | The New Yorker

At breakfast, I scooped up butter on the tip of my knife and tasted it. It was fatty and beautifully bovine. The bread was curious. It had been sliced from a rectangular loaf and, to my prejudiced eye, looked store-bought and industrial. I had a bite. It wasn’t store-bought. Wow, I thought. This is good bread. The flour, the owner told me, was from Le Bourget-du-Lac, on the other side of the lake. The name of the miller was Philippe Degrange. I wrote it down. It didn’t seem right. A grange is where you store your grains. Degrange? It would ... Read more

Knifeman in France Kills 2 in Attack, Terror Inquiry Opened

PARIS — A man wielding a knife attacked residents of a French town while they ventured out to shop amid a nationwide coronavirus lockdown Saturday, killing two people and wounding five others in an act that led authorities to open a terrorism inquiry. France’s counter-terrorism prosecutor’s office said the assailant was arrested near the scene of the attack in the town of Romans-sur-Isere, south of Lyon, as he was kneeling on the sidewalk praying in Arabic. It said one of his acquaintances also was detained. Prosecutors did not identify the suspect. They said he had no identifying documents but claimed ... Read more

France confirms 4 coronavirus cases in anti-jihadist Africa force

Four French soldiers deployed in the Sahel region of western Africa in France’s anti-jihadist Barkhane force have tested positive for coronavirus, the army said on Thursday. The infections are the first confirmed by the French army among soldiers serving in its foreign operations. Colonel Frederic Barbry, the spokesman for the French armed forces chief of staff, told AFP one of the soldiers was being treated in his country of deployment, while the other three have been repatriated. The group had arrived in the area several weeks ago and were not showing symptoms, he said. People they had been in contact ... Read more

UK, France, Germany Send Iran Medical Supplies Using Trade Mechanism –

Source: Radio Farda Emergency medical staff and nurses wearing protective suits, help while transferring a patient with coronavirus (COVID-19) to Masih Daneshvari Hospital, in Tehran, March 30, 2020 Britain, France and Germany have used a special trading mechanism for the first time to send medical supplies to Iran in a way that does not violate U.S. sanctions against Tehran. The German Foreign Ministry said on March 31 that the three countries sent supplies via Instex, the mechanism set up more than a year ago to allow legitimate humanitarian trade with Iran to offset some effects of the U.S. sanctions. “France, ... Read more

“Here, the Terrorists Are Inside”: The French Psychiatrist Who Counsels Coronavirus Doctors

Philippe Nuss is the chief of the psychiatric unit for early psychosis at the Saint-Antoine Hospital, in Paris, and a researcher, specializing in the biophysics of schizophrenia, at the Sorbonne. Since the Bataclan terrorist attacks of 2015, he has devoted part of his clinical practice to counselling doctors and other carers about the strain of their work. I heard about Nuss from my brother-in-law, an intensive-care doctor at a clinic in Seine-Saint-Denis, a department just north of Paris. Every available bed in intensive care is full there; patients are now being transferred to the cities of Orléans and Rouen. Five ... Read more

The Exodus from Paris & the Fall of France

Perhaps most psychologically damaging of all, however, was the fact that many refugees had no ultimate destination in mind, and hardly any of them — those from the Low Countries or the north, or the working-class from Paris — knew exactly where they were, having never been south. One woman recalled that people simply “followed along in a line as if we were all going to the same place,” while the writer Georges Adrey, recalled that “nothing is worse than walking straight ahead, on the off-chance, without being able to stop somewhere and say ‘On such and such a day, ... Read more

France under lockdown: buying baguettes daily becomes a moral choice

Le Vesinet, France In France, the fight against COVID-19 is being waged one baguette at a time. No longer just a mere staple, the iconic loaf and the French daily ritual of buying it have become loaded with moral, civic, and public health considerations that could never have been imagined before the new coronavirus turned life upside down. In a nation in lockdown, popping out for a fresh baguette is proving a handy excuse for people to get out of the house. There is one notable exception: a town on the Mediterranean coast where the mayor has banned people from ... Read more

France Pulls Out Military Forces in Iraq Amid Virus Demands

PARIS  — France is pulling out its military forces from Iraq as French forces are increasingly called upon to help fight the coronavirus at home. The chief of staff of the French armed forces said in a statement Wednesday night that France is suspending its anti-terrorism training operations in Iraq and also bringing home its Iraq-based troops involved in the U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic State group. France, which has suffered repeated attacks on its soil by Islamic State extremists, is maintaining military operations in Kuwait and Qatar, and air force missions over Syria. The announcement came just after French ... Read more

The World’s Major Military and Economic Powers Find Happiness Elusive

Long before the advent of the coronavirus pandemic left people around the world desperate for survival, a popular assumption emerged that national governments are also supposed to promote the happiness and well-being of their citizens.  This idea was expressed in the U.S. Declaration of Independence, which proclaimed that governments are instituted to secure humanity’s “unalienable rights” to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” What are we to think, then, when we find that the world’s major military powers, which are also among the world’s richest nations, are failing badly when it comes to enhancing public happiness? According to the ... Read more