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The Underrated Pleasures of Eating Dinner Early

I recently read that Terry Gross thinks the best icebreaker is “Tell me about yourself.” With all due respect to Terry Gross, the best icebreaker is “What time do you eat dinner?”—a question so seemingly basic that a respondent is likely…

The Culinary Muse of the Caucasus

I distinctly remember the first time I had sushi: September 11, 1998. I was a college freshman, newly arrived on campus after a three-night hiking trip that the university had organized as an orientation activity. Since the dining halls…

The Perfect Simplicity of the Matzo Ball

Matzo balls are not strictly a Passover food. Like the staples of other holidays—sugar cookies, mashed potatoes, miniature Kit Kats—they’re enjoyed year-round without much fanfare, but there’s one time each year when they throw back…

Is CBD Safe? The FDA Is Looking Into It.

Many CBD products, including gummies and dietary supplements, are already widely available.(Photo: Vaping360/Flickr)Plenty of products containing cannabidiol, or CBD, are already on the market: You can buy balms, lotions, mascara, and
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