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Men Don’t Need Tampons. They Need Fathers

“We’re living in a world where history can be readily ‘re-written’ — when ‘books’ are some anachronistic relic, which has made the concept behind Fahrenheit 451 completely unnecessary.”—Jeffrey Imm The idea that anything can be…

The Final Frontier, by Michael Chabon

Ensign Spock, a young half-Vulcan science officer fresh out of Starfleet Academy and newly posted to the Enterprise, found himself alone in a turbolift with the ship’s formidable first officer, a human woman known as Number One. They…

My Father’s Things, and My Own

My father died nearly twenty-five years ago. Still, I can conjure that time as if it were yesterday: the bewildering, quiet ride to the hospital, with the ambulance lights flashing but no siren, early on Christmas Eve, 1995; his week of…

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