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The Fate of the News in the Age of the Coronavirus

In 2009, as the economy struggled to rebound from the Great Recession, executives at the New York Times found themselves in a vigorous internal debate. They were trying to decide whether their content should go behind a paywall, making it available only to paying subscribers. There were compelling arguments on both sides. It wasn’t at all clear that people would be willing to pay for news; by implementing a paywall, the Times risked cannibalizing its enormous digital audience. But advertising revenue was plummeting, both online and in print, and the newspaper desperately needed new sources of income. To study the ... Read more

Politicians hold the fate of the coronavirus in their hands

The fate of countries around the world lies in a very few individual politicians’ hands — more so than at any other time in half a century or more. Why it matters: Two politicians in particular, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Russian President Vladimir Putin, wiped about $20 trillion off the value of the world’s oil reserves this week when they failed to come to an agreement on cutting oil production. That’s more than $2,500 per human being on the planet. The spread of the novel coronavirus is similarly a function of decisive action by heads of state, ... Read more