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Natasha Trethewey Reads Charles Wright

Natasha Trethewey joins Kevin Young to read and discuss Charles Wright’s poem “Toadstools,” and her own poem “Repentance.” Trethewey, a former U.S. Poet Laureate, is a chancellor of the Academy of American Poets and a member of the…

As Venezuela Divided, So Did My Family

A Venezuelan rides his bike to work in front of a mural of the late President Hugo Chávez near Teresa Carreno Theatre on May 8th, 2019, in Caracas, Venezuela. As the country goes through a political, economic, and social crisis,

Safiya Sinclair Reads Natalie Diaz

Safiya Sinclair joins Kevin Young to read and discuss Natalie Diaz’s poem “From the Desire Field” and her own poem “Gospel of the Misunderstood.” Sinclair is the author of the poetry collection “Cannibal” and the forthcoming memoir “How…

The Underrated Pleasures of Eating Dinner Early

I recently read that Terry Gross thinks the best icebreaker is “Tell me about yourself.” With all due respect to Terry Gross, the best icebreaker is “What time do you eat dinner?”—a question so seemingly basic that a respondent is likely…
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