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Trump Irate Over Disturbing Footage of Elderly Man Being Brutally Beaten at Care Home

President Donald Trump expressed outrage over a video of a 75-year-old Michigan care home patient being beaten that surfaced on social media on Thursday. “Is this even possible to believe? Can this be for real?” Trump tweeted. “Where is this nursing home, how is the victim doing?” Is this even possible to believe? Can this be for real? Where is this nursing home, how is the victim doing? — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 22, 2020 Trump was responding to a video showing a brutal beating at the Westwood Nursing Center in Detroit, Fox News reported. TRENDING: Video Shows Juan ... Read more

Two Men Rescue Elderly Man from Burning Apartment Building

When Dombaev Dzhambulat arrived in France seven years ago, he had one goal: to work as a mechanic. In order to do that, he needed a residence permit. “I’ve been dreaming about this for seven years, all I want is to live as a simple person,” he told the French outlet 20 Minutes. It’s been seven years, and while he hasn’t yet realized this dream, he’s made it into the public eye recently — and perhaps that will help him accomplish his goals. Ouloubaev Aslan moved to France two years before Dzhambulat, and the two Chechens — who are neighbors ... Read more

Coronavirus lockdown turns elderly into social media stars

In the Instagram Live show #CuarenTata, 95-year-old Luisa Cantero Sanchez, better known as Tata, reads haltingly off a script welcoming viewers. She and Miguel Ángel Muñoz, her great-nephew and co-star, then begin chatting and laughing, the love the two share emanating from every interaction. Tata is one of many figures of advanced age to become a social media sensation lately. Indeed, while older people have often been portrayed as vulnerable, weak, or lonely during the pandemic, they have also become examples of life and resilience. Mr. Muñoz moved in with Tata, who cared for him as a child, to care for ... Read more

Elderly Couple Shot and Killed While Visiting Cemetery

Police in Delaware are looking for answers after a man and woman in their 80s were gunned down while visiting a veterans’ cemetery on Friday. Wilmington’s The News Journal reported that the victims, who were married, were visiting the Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery in the community of Bear just after 10 a.m. Friday when police say 29-year-old Sheldon Francis opened fire on them. The woman, 85, was shot and declared dead at the cemetery Friday. According to police, the man, 86, was transported to an area hospital in critical condition where he died on Saturday. Police reported exchanging gunfire with ... Read more

Cuomo Claims He Didn’t Know About New York Rule Forcing Nursing Homes To Accept Elderly With COVID-19

On March 25, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued an advisory for hospitals to discharge elderly patients with COVID-19 back to nursing homes. The advisory was built to combat alleged discrimination of those diagnosed with coronavirus. At a briefing on Monday, when Cuomo was asked about admitting coronavirus patients to nursing homes he claimed he was unaware of New York’s rule. “It’s a good question. I don’t know,” Cuomo said. “We’ve said from the start that protecting our most vulnerable populations including people in nursing homes is our top priority and that’s why the State acted quickly and aggressively to ... Read more

Elderly Couple Holds Wedding Over Zoom So Friends and Family Can ‘Attend’

We are living during a very unique time in history where quarantining or isolating ourselves physically doesn’t mean we have to be out of touch with people. While video chats were popular before the coronavirus struck, they’re incredibly popular now. Even though friends and family are separated by miles, they can still talk, watch movies and even play games together using modern-day chat options. And now, people have even gotten married in the presence of (online) witnesses. The idea was first hatched when the family of 90-year-old Alvin Lee decided to surprise him with a Zoom conference call for his birthday. ... Read more

Men, the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions most likely to die due to coronavirus, official data confirms

COVID-19 was the third most common cause of death in England and Wales last month, new Office Of National Statistics (ONS) data reveals. Almost one in ten deaths in March involved Covid-19. The number is an average across the entire month – including the early days before the outbreak took hold – and is expected to be higher in April as the virus spread rapidly. The figures come from an in-depth ONS study of all deaths in March registered up to April 6 where Covid-19 was involved. It found more than nine in ten people who died due to a ... Read more

Elderly Pro-Life Protester First Person Cited by Police for Violating San Francisco Stay-at-Home Order

An elderly pro-life advocate has become the first person cited for breaking lockdown orders in San Francisco amid the coronavirus outbreak. The San Francisco Examiner reported 86-year-old Ronald Konopaski was ticketed by officers with the San Francisco Police Department on Thursday outside of a Planned Parenthood location, where he was praying on a sidewalk. SFPD Sgt. Michael Andraychak confirmed Konopaski was the first person in San Francisco cited for allegedly violating the order. Andraychak said police warned Konopaski the previous day to leave the sidewalk in front of the Planned Parenthood clinic or he would be in violation of the ... Read more

Elderly NYC Woman Dies After Being Attacked for Violating Social Distancing

An elderly woman is dead after police say she was attacked by another hospital patient for not following “social distancing” recommendations in New York City. The New York Daily News reported Janie Marshall, 86, was admitted to Bedford-Stuyvesant’s Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn with a bowel obstruction. Marshall was walking in a hallway in the hospital on March 28 when she innocently stopped and grabbed a metal stand. That is when a 32-year-old woman in a nearby room lashed out and allegedly attacked Marshall. Cassandra Lundy allegedly punched Marshall in the head, causing her to fall to the ground, according to ... Read more

My Mother Is Under Quarantine, but We’re Still Staying Close

By Sunday, March 15th, only thirty-five people in the United Kingdom had died of COVID-19. My mother, Janie Caesar, knew one of them. On Monday morning, she sent me a text that read, “Vrons, one of my dearest friends, came to Normandy with us, died last night C Virus . . . distraught. Stay safe darling . . . MD x.” “MD” is my mother’s playful, semi-ironic signature. It stands for “Mother Dearest.” I didn’t know Vrons—a woman named Veronica Bailey—but I knew that, six decades ago, she and my mother had been contemporaries at an austere convent school in Sussex, in the South of England, ... Read more