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DHS Unveils New Counter-Terrorism Strategy

DHS is now trying to correct gap in its understanding of terrorist threats, calling for, among other things, an annual report “evaluating the domestic threat environment.” This is important, Selim said, but the fact that no such report…

The Beef About Meat: The Politics Daily

Take Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who said during his 2018 reelection bid, “if Texas elects a Democrat, they’re going to ban barbecue across the state of Texas.” (A couple of years before that, Cruz prepared bacon by wrapping it around the…

Beto O’Rourke’s Gun Plan: Take AR-15s

Guns came up early in tonight’s debate, in part because the issue has been on people’s minds lately: The early-August El Paso shooting devastated the largely Hispanic Catholic community on the border, while twin shootings in Midland and…

Will Democrats Run on Gun Control in 2020?

As more and more people feel the threat of gun violence looming over their daily routines, Americans of all political persuasions are looking for answers, said Angela Kuefler, the senior vice president of research at the Global Strategy…

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