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The Real State of the U.S. Military

Read: Trump commandeers the Fourth of JulyAbsent from the skies over the nation’s capital were unmanned air vehicles such as the MQ-9 Reaper. Less sexy, and much less expensive, than manned combat aircraft, the Reaper has become a pillar…

Democrats Have Found Their Battle Cry

As if on cue, the morning of Biden’s remarks, Trump “kidded” on Twitter about remaining in office well past his two terms and retweeted a far-right commentator praising the fact that Trump and like-minded strongmen such as Brazil’s Jair…

Shanahan Withdraws as Defense Secretary

Announcing Shanahan’s withdrawal, President Donald Trump said in a pair of tweets that the former Boeing executive had decided to “devote more time to his family,” thanked him for his “outstanding service” and announced that Army…
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