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Shanahan Withdraws as Defense Secretary

Announcing Shanahan’s withdrawal, President Donald Trump said in a pair of tweets that the former Boeing executive had decided to “devote more time to his family,” thanked him for his “outstanding service” and announced that Army…

Trump Plans to Send 1,000 Troops to Poland

Read: Trump wants to leave the Middle East. He’s not getting his wish.Meanwhile, reorienting toward possible future great-power fights has been slow. For instance a 2016 Rand Corporation study, based on war games envisioning a Russian…

ACLU Sues Coast Guard Over Fishermen Held at Sea

“I was going to do something to help myself and help my family,” Williams says in the ACLU video. “And it wasn’t nothing illegal. It was fishing.”The Coast Guard’s drug-war battlefield spans millions of square miles of open sea. Admiral…

Congress considers 3.1% military pay raise

A House Appropriations subcommittee on May 15, 2019, approved a fiscal 2020 defense funding bill that would cover the cost of a 3.1% military pay raise.The bill, introduced May 14, 2019, by the House Appropriations Committee, would…
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