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Can Modern Dance Be Preserved?

There may be no one in the arts with a harder job than that of a modern-dance choreographer. When a writer can’t figure out what to say next, she can turn off the computer and go take a nap. A choreographer, by contrast, is working not…

Dancing to Bach’s Cello Suites

In 1992, when the choreographer Jerome Robbins began to work with the ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov on a collection of solos that would eventually become “A Suite of Dances,” Robbins was going through a dark period in his life. He…

Ten Years of Swag Surfin’

The first time I can vividly recall Swag Surfin’ was during Howard University’s inauguration ball for President Obama. That occasion, which would have been in January of 2009, doesn’t align with the official release date of “Swag Surfin’…

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