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On hold with customer service? ‘The Velvet Rope Economy’ explains why.

“It’s tempting to think that when you call the bank or other another financial service provider and you are put on hold for twenty-five minutes, it’s simply because it’s a peak time of day and many other account holders are calling at the same moment,” Nelson D. Schwartz writes in “The Velvet Rope Economy: How Inequality Became Big Business.” That’s certainly what I had assumed before reading the business journalist’s eye-opening – and at times, outrage-inducing – nonfiction debut. In truth, Schwartz explains, the order in which your call is taken is related to how valuable your business is to ... Read more

Saab secures Erieye order from undisclosed customer

18 May 2020 00:00 GMT+0 Saab has been contracted to deliver an unspecified number of Erieye airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) systems to an undisclosed customer, the Swedish manufacturer announced on 18 May. Saab has secured an order for an unspecified number of Erieye airborne early warning and control systems to an undisclosed customer. The systems, which will be hosted aboard a Saab 2000 twin-turboprop aircraft, are valued at SEK1.553 billion (USD160 million) and will be delivered between 2020 and 2023. “The industry’s nature is such that due to circumstances concerning the product and customer, further information about the ... Read more

Walk-In Customer Stuns Stylist with $2,500 Tip and $3,300 for Rest of Salon Staff

It’s been a rocky two months for many employees or former employees of businesses that have been forced to shut their doors to customers thanks to the coronavirus. There have been generous patrons that have helped out as they could, donating or buying gift cards to use at local spots once they are allowed to open for business, but few have the means to drop several thousand in one go. Floyd’s 99 Barbershop in Denver, Colorado, opened up again Saturday for the first time since closing in mid-March. Ilisia Novotny was ready to jump back to work after the unplanned ... Read more

5 Principles for Responding to Customer Reviews

Executive Summary In an age where customer word of mouth can quickly go viral, managers can take five proactive actions to get the most lift out of their customers’ good reviews and minimize the bad ones. For positive reviews, managers should delay their response and–when they do respond– make sure the response is generic and short. The authors found that more customized responses — perceived as promotional and thus viewed as disingenuous — negatively affected future reviews. For negative reviews, it’s important to quickly respond to every one with a tailored solution to the specific complaint. HBR Staff Understanding how ... Read more

Kratos wins C5ISR system award from undisclosed customer

The Radio Interoperability Capability-Universal (RIC-U) is used by US Army C5ISR Centre as an analogue-to-digital voice bridging device. Credit: Photo Credit: Devon L Suits. Sign-up to the Army Technology newsletter New technologies News New products Essential guides National Security Solutions provider Kratos Defense & Security Solutions has received a contract from an undisclosed customer. The award is related to command, control, communication, computing, combat, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C5ISR) System. The contract is valued at $14m. Further details of the customer have not been disclosed by the company because of competitive, customer-related and other considerations. Kratos provides C5ISR systems and ... Read more

Use Your Customer Data to Actually Help Your Customers

Executive Summary We’re all consumers ourselves, and as such, leaders can understand the anxiety when very personal and private aspects of our lives may be disclosed by the digital traces we leave in cyberspace. Even to be willing to share their data with a company, customers need to trust that the company won’t re-purpose or re-sell the data downstream in ways they might find inscrutable or objectionable. They need to trust that their data is reasonably secure against cyber breaches and that the company will do the right thing if a breach should occur. But, imagine customers who are not ... Read more

Senators Accuse Airlines of Holding Billions in Customer Funds

An empty jet bridge hangs over the tarmac at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York on April 9. Photographer: Angus Mordant/Bloomberg Photographer: Angus Mordant/Bloomberg Airlines in the U.S. that have halted flights are holding more than $10 billion in customer money while offering credits for future travel instead of cash refunds, a group of senators charged Friday. The lawmakers chided carriers for inconsistent policies on which customers can receive refunds and the length of time they can claim lost airfares, and for “obfuscating” the rules to minimize how much they must pay. Airlines should be repaying people ... Read more

Qore Performance Optimizes Customer Experience for International Orders

Qore Performance Optimizes Customer Experience for International Orders Sterling, VA – In their endless pursuit of improving customer experience, especially in these challenging times, Qore Performance is drawing on their close partnership with FedEx from winning the 2019 FedEx Small Business Grant Competition. Qore Performance is proud to announce that pre-paid customs fees are now available for shipping to Allies in the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Germany, and South Korea. Using the FedEx Delivery Duty Paid process, Qore Performance is able to calculate and pay applicable host government-imposed duties and taxes on customer orders before shipping. There is no markup ... Read more

Ensure That Your Customer Relationships Outlast Coronavirus

Jorg Greuel/Getty Images We’ve made our coronavirus coverage free for all readers. To get all of HBR’s content delivered to your inbox, sign up for the Daily Alert newsletter. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced businesses to maintain and build relationships with consumers when their world has been upended. Businesses are now facing tension between generating sales during a period of extreme economic hardship and respecting the threats to life and livelihood that have altered consumer priorities and preferences. This tension is very real, particularly for newer ventures or smaller business that provide discretionary products and may not have the resources ... Read more

Wells Fargo to pay $3B to settle fake customer account scam

Feb. 21 (UPI) — Wells Fargo agreed to pay $3 billion to resolve allegations the bank pressured employees to meet “unrealistic” sales goals, leading to the creation of millions of fake customer accounts, the Justice Department announced Friday. In the settlement, the company admitted it collected millions of dollars in fees and interest through the fake accounts and other products to which it wasn’t entitled. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Central District of California said Wells Fargo also harmed the credit ratings of some customers and unlawfully used customers’ personal information in the process. “This case illustrates a complete ... Read more