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Veteran in Congress Berates Trump for Implying Guard Should Shoot Minnesota Looters

A retired U.S. Army Reserve colonel, who also serves as a Democratic congressman from Maryland, chastised President Trump on Friday, saying he is “unfit to be commander-in-chief.” The statement came after the president made an early morning tweet that appeared to encourage National Guard troops to fire on looters in the Minnesota riot. Read Next: Guard Soldier Killed in Shootout While Assisting Fellow Law Enforcement Officers Thirty-year Army veteran Rep. Anthony G. Brown, D-Maryland, vice chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, fired back at Trump on Friday. “President Trump has debased and tarnished the office of the presidency many ... Read more

Why Does Trump Defy Congress to Arm the Saudis?

With the nation in tumult over racial violence and a pandemic, it’s easy for some things to go unnoticed. The White House/Flickr With so many bad things going on simultaneously, it’s easy for some things to go unnoticed or be forgotten. Earlier in May, State Department Inspector General Steve Linick was fired by President Trump. This was done at the request of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The initial suspicion was that Pompeo didn’t appreciate being investigated for using an employee as a personal servant for himself and his wife. But it was later revealed that Linick “was in the ... Read more

Supreme Court: Democrats’ proxy voting plan in Congress is at risk

Earlier this month, the House voted, almost entirely along party lines, to permit members of Congress to cast votes by proxy so long as the coronavirus pandemic makes it dangerous for many members of Congress to travel to Washington. On Tuesday, 21 House Republicans filed a lawsuit claiming that the new House rule permitting proxy voting is unconstitutional. The case is McCarthy v. Pelosi. Under the new rule, a member of the House who is present in the Capitol may cast proxy votes on behalf of up to 10 colleagues, provided that those colleagues give the member written authorization to ... Read more

The Pentagon has spent 23% of its COVID-19 response funds. Congress is asking why not more.

WASHINGTON ― The Pentagon has spent less than a quarter of the $10.6 billion Congress gave it in March to protect military personnel and marshal American industry to procure face masks, ventilators and other products hospitals need in their fight against the coronavirus. Citing the Trump administration’s most recent reports to Congress, Democratic senators say the Pentagon has placed on contract 23 percent of the funds it was provided nine weeks ago as part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act of 2020. It’s the latest criticism in a sharp back and forth between congressional Democrats and the ... Read more

A Better Path Forward for Workers, Businesses, and the Economy

This article is part of our Prospect Debate, “Two Options for Crisis Response for Workers.” Another 2.1 million workers filed for unemployment last week. That brings the total for job losses over the past 70 days to more than 40 million, as the unemployment rate continues to rise rather than stabilize. Not since the Great Depression has the United States seen such high levels of unemployment. Nearly a quarter of our entire workforce is unemployed. A public-health crisis has sparked an economic crisis, and it is incumbent on Congress to respond in a manner that matches the scale of that crisis. ... Read more

Two Options for Crisis Response for Workers

David Dayen: Introduction Rep. Pramila Jayapal: A Better Path Forward for Workers, Businesses, and the Economy Wesley Bignell and Marshall Steinbaum: A Way to Help Workers, Now and in the Future INTRODUCTION BY DAVID DAYEN The sudden collapse of demand in March from the outbreak of COVID-19 cases, and the subsequent lockdowns throughout the country, put policymakers in an impossible position. A giant segment of the workforce would be forced out of a job, and without action their incomes would reduce to only their meager state unemployment benefits, crushing purchasing power even further and bringing on not only depression but ... Read more

US Congress ramps up China pressure over Uighur camps

The US Congress on Wednesday authorized sanctions against Chinese officials over the mass incarceration of Muslim Uighurs, ramping up pressure on another front in the troubled relationship between the Pacific powers. The House of Representatives voted with just one dissent in favor of the Uighur Human Rights Act, hours after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo took a major step to press China on another major issue — the autonomy of Hong Kong. Rights groups say at least one million Uighurs and other Turkic Muslims in China’s northwestern Xinjiang region have been incarcerated in camps in a massive brainwashing campaign with ... Read more

Congress may unite on fighting China with $100B tech industry boost

WASHINGTON ― Congress would pump $100 billion into the National Science Foundation for research into artificial intelligence, quantum computing, advanced communications, robotics and more under a bipartisan proposal led by the Senate’s top Democrat. The Endless Frontier Act, led by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and announced Tuesday, would rename the National Science Foundation as the National Science and Technology Foundation and add a technology directorate with “DARPA-like authorities” to oversee research and make contract awards in select technology areas. The $100 billion would be spread over five years. A typically divided Congress is uniting in its anger against China: ... Read more

Veterans Affairs budget hearing represents first steps toward normal operations for Congress

Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie is set to make his annual appearance before the House Appropriations Committee on Thursday morning, a routine budget hearing that will be anything but given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic still restricting Capitol Hill operations. The event, set for 10 a.m. in the Longworth House Office Building, marks the first in-person appearance by a Cabinet-level official at a House hearing since much of the Capitol campus was locked down in mid-March in an effort to stem the spread of the virus. Typically, Wilkie’s testimony would be just one of several dozen by department heads throughout the ... Read more

Space Acquisition: Speed May Not Fix Problems, Critics Say « Breaking Defense

WASHINGTON: The latest version of the Air Force’s long-overdue report to Congress on space acquisition reform fails to address a number of foundational questions, critics say, including: go fast to do what; who gets to decide the what; and who is accountable if things go pear shaped? DoD is asking Congress to cut legislative strings and approve special powers to streamline space acquisition programs worth billions — pushing the need for speed to ensure the US military’s technical edge over China and Russia, as first reported by colleague Sandra Erwin. The proposed changes are focused mainly on ways to get ... Read more