‘Clueless’ Star Stacey Dash Sets up Run for California Congress: ‘It’s Time … for Me to Put Up or Shut Up’

RSS. Epeak Daily Epeak Daily Bitcoin OldTwitter The path to politics has gone through Hollywood once again. Stacey Dash, one…
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FBI director warns Trump: Agency is fighting “spies from Russia” while you tear us down

FBI Director Christopher Wray strongly defended the agency from a recent attack by Donald Trump. He pointed out to Congress…
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Investigation of Trump’s Sexual Misconduct must be held by the Congress

Recently, thanks to the powerful women who now speak up and set examples when it comes to sexual assault that…
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United States of Authoritarianism:

Oct 8–14 Lawd. Bob Corker says White House is ‘adult day care center’ after Trump Twitter hit RSS. Epeak Daily…

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