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Cycling for Climate Justice | The New Yorker

Cycling in London feels a bit like breaking the rules: you’re allowed to weave in and out of traffic, you don’t have to wear a helmet (most people don’t), and it’s perfectly acceptable to engage a stranger in conversation, as long as…

Kirsten Gillibrand Drops Out: Politics Daily

‘Take the Land’: President Donald Trump is reportedly urging his aides to move forward with the construction of the border wall, because he believes it’s necessary for his reelection in 2020. He’s also reportedly told subordinates that…

Trump’s Two G7 Summits

At the Group of Seven meeting in Biarritz, France, there are, in effect, two different summits underway—one that’s happening in President Donald Trump’s mind, and another that is actually happening on the ground; there’s the summit Trump…

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