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COVID-19 Spreads To USS Nimitz; DoD Must ‘Operate In A COVID Environment’ « Breaking Defense

USS Nimitz passes Mount Rainier while transiting the Puget Sound. WASHINGTON: As COVID-19 continues to tear through the USS Teddy Roosevelt as it sits pierside in Guam, another big deck, the USS Nimitz, is seeing a “small number of breakouts,” Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. John Hyten confirmed today.   The Nimitz, based in Bremerton, Wash., has already started bringing sailors aboard as part of a new Navy policy to have crew aboard for 14 days before deploying in an attempt to keep COVID-19 off ships at sea. Earlier this month, the USS Makin Island amphibious ready group deployed ... Read more

Weeks After Throwing World into Pandemic, China Given Seat on UN Human Rights Council Panel

Commentary Osugi / ShutterstockFrom April 1, 2020, through March 2021, China will have a seat on the five-nation panel that is responsible for choosing the U.N.’s human rights investigators, among other functions. (Osugi / Shutterstock) China continues to escape blame for its role in unleashing a pandemic on the world, a deadly outbreak that was fostered from the very beginning by that nation’s lies and deceit. It now appears that a combined United Nations too cowardly to call out the communist giant is now actively rewarding the country. Instead of facing an investigation into the origins of the novel coronavirus, ... Read more

Commercial Satellite Boom Poses NatSec Risks: IDA « Breaking Defense

SpaceX’s Starlink satellites WASHINGTON: The rapid proliferation of commercial satellites for communications and imagery pose a number of risks to US national security — along with the benefits of providing low-cost alternatives to expensive DoD birds, says a new study published today in National Defense University’s Joint Forces Quarterly. These commercial market trends will “create new challenges as adversaries ranging from Great Power competitors to hostile nonstate actors gain cheap access to space capabilities and the emergence of space-based Internet reshapes the cyber battlespace,” the article states. And while much of the commercial industry build-up is in the United States, ... Read more

Nigeria receives VT4 main battle tanks from China – Defence Blog

The Nigerian Army has taken delivery of a shipment of military vehicles from the China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO). According to local sources, NORINCO delivered the first of 17 military vehicles compromising of VT4 main battle tanks, SH5 105mm wheeled self-propelled howitzers and ST1 tank destroys. Taking delivery of the armaments Wednesday, Army’s Chief of Policy and Plans (CPPLANS) Lieutenant General Lamidi Adeosun said Nigerians should expect more robust operations to put behind the menace of insecurity including Boko Haram, banditry and others, according to thisdaylive.com. He said the weapons were acquired through the Ministry of Defence, adding that adequate ... Read more

Why Retribution Against China for Coronavirus Would Harm America and the World

As the human and economic toll of the coronavirus mounts, some U.S. officials are threatening retribution against Beijing for enabling the pandemic. Sens. Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley rolled out a bill last week authorizing sanctions as a way to “make the CCP pay for contributing to this global emergency” and force China to “foot the bill” for the economic fallout. This bill also echoed the type of retaliatory approach endorsed by James Kraska in a recent article in War on the Rocks. Although these proposals may seem to satisfy a certain thirst for justice in the midst of a ... Read more

China becomes world’s top patent filer: UN

China last year became the world leader in international patent filings, unseating the United States which had held the top spot for more than four decades, the UN said Tuesday. A record 265,800 international patent applications were filed last year, a hike of 5.2-percent from 2018, the World Intellectual Property Organisation said in its annual report. WIPO’s complex system of registering international patents involves multiple categories. In the main category — the Patent Cooperation Treaty, or PCT — China topped the ranking for the first time, with 58,990 applications. It thus overtook the United States, which filed 57,840 applications, and ... Read more

Trump threatens to cut WHO funding, China lifts Wuhan travel ban

President Donald Trump threatened on Tuesday to cut US funding to the World Health Organization, accusing it of bias toward China, where the authorities lifted a two-and-a-half month travel ban on Wuhan, the city that spawned the global coronavirus pandemic. As the United States suffered a record total of nearly 2,000 deaths in the past 24 hours, China reported no new deaths for the first time since the outbreak began in Wuhan in late December. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson remained in stable condition in intensive care in a London hospital, meanwhile, after being admitted on Monday, 10 days after ... Read more

US and China in truce

Suddenly, it’s no longer the “Wuhan virus.” The United States and China have reached a truce in a vitriolic feud over the coronavirus pandemic, with the two powers each seeing at least a tactical interest in cooling down. President Donald Trump, hardly known for the delicacy of his word choices, has dropped his provocative term “Chinese virus” and held back from criticizing Beijing’s response since a telephone call, on March 26 US time, with his counterpart Xi Jinping. And Secretary of State Mike Pompeo — who so insisted on saying “Wuhan virus” that the ... Read more

China Is Going to Be a Republican Wedge Issue

An airport worker wears a face mask with a sticker of the Chinese flag at the Tianhe Airport. (Hector Retamal / AFP via Getty Images) EDITOR’S NOTE:&nbspThe Nation believes that helping readers stay informed about the impact of the coronavirus crisis is a form of public service. For that reason, this article, and all of our coronavirus coverage, is now free. Please subscribe to support our writers and staff, and stay healthy. Thank you for signing up. For more from The Nation, check out our latest issue. Subscribe now for as little as $2 a month! Support Progressive Journalism The ... Read more

Trump Calls Out WHO’s Ties to China, Vows To Give US Funding ‘A Good Look’

News Chip Somodevilla / Getty ImagesPresident Donald Trump speaks to reporters following a meeting of his coronavirus task force in the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House on April 6, 2020, in Washington, D.C. (Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images) President Donald Trump criticized the World Health Organization’s coronavirus response and said he will give its funding “a good look” in a Tuesday tweet. “The W.H.O. really blew it. For some reason, funded largely by the United States, yet very China centric. We will be giving that a good look,” Trump tweeted. The W.H.O. really blew it. For some reason, ... Read more