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Flat-panel technology could transform antennas, wireless and cell phone communications

Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory are reinventing the mirror, at least for microwaves, potentially replacing the familiar 3-D dishes and microwave horns we see on rooftops and cell towers with flat panels that are compact, versatile, and better adapted for modern communication technologies. “Our new reflectors offer lightweight, low-profile alternatives to conventional antennas. This is a potential boon for satellites, where minimizing weight and size is crucial,” said Abul Azad, of the MPA-CINT group at Los Alamos National Laboratory. “The panels could be easily incorporated onto surfaces of buildings or terrestrial vehicles as well.” ... Read more

School via cell phone? Army families prepare for coronavirus siege in Italy

K-12 students at U.S. Army Garrison Italy in Vicenza didn’t get much of a break this week after their schools closed Monday over the expanding coronavirus outbreak in the country. Teachers have already started uploading mandatory assignments to a dedicated web site, with homework due Monday, March 2. Families with no Internet access at home? No problem: The base library and some MWR activities with WiFi remain open. And there are always cell phones. “The digital platforms we are using are cell phone friendly and pretty much everyone has a cell phone,” said Allison Peltz, principal of Vicenza Elementary School, ... Read more