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Is Trump Using Critical Medical Supplies to Blackmail Blue State Governors?

NASA HQ PHOTO/Flickr Americans have become so jaded by the emanations coming from our president that we often lose sight of how depraved he is. Each step goes a little farther than the last, testing the bounds of decency and public tolerance. Meanwhile, the political press gingerly moves toward using words and phrases it might never have dared about previous administrations, without going so far as to admit the whole truth for fear of overstepping its own boundaries. Trump’s use of crucial medical supplies in a pandemic to cajole and punish governors who aren’t adequately nice to him is only ... Read more

The Blue Eyed Boy – MedRoomeyes

Image by Planet Adventure He was a captain in the army. It was not a childhood dream. He, in fact, joined because a friend of his dared him to. She taunted him and told him he would never survive the six month training. And so, he joined. Your very own G.I Joe. And he surprised everyone including himself, when he pulled through and came out the other side. The only problem was, the person who walked in and the one who walked out, couldn’t recognise each other if they bumped into each other on a lonely street. *Riva was a ... Read more

The Dream of Turning Texas Blue Depends on Latino Voters

The weekend before Super Tuesday, Manuel Ortiz, a student at the University of Texas at Austin, drove to Montopolis, a majority-Latino neighborhood on the city’s southeastern edge. He was joined by four other college students, all canvassers for the Texas Youth Power Alliance, an initiative that aims to register three hundred thousand new voters before November. Ivy, the group’s field organizer, parked her aqua Honda in front of Nuestra Señora de los Dolores, a Mission-style Catholic church built in the fifties. She wore oversized glasses and spoke to the others in a sweetly commanding tone. “Avoid dogs,” she said. “Don’t ... Read more

7th Fleet Security Officer Dies During Thailand Port Visit with USS Blue Ridge

YOKOSUKA NAVAL BASE, Japan — A U.S. Navy officer of the 7th Fleet died suddenly last week while on liberty from the command ship USS Blue Ridge during its recent port visit to Laem Chabang, Thailand, officials said. Lt. Cmdr. Ryan Platt, the security officer on the 7th Fleet staff, was playing golf at the Laem Chabang International Golf Course on Feb. 24 when he suddenly died, 7th Fleet spokesman Lt. Joe Keiley said Monday in an email to Stars and Stripes. “CPR was performed, and emergency medical services transported him to the Vibharam Laem Chabang Hospital, but he could ... Read more

GOP Plan To Target Deep Blue States Looks for Boost If Bernie Leads Dem Ticket

Even the deep blue states might be feeling the Bern this fall. And it’s not the kind any Democrat would have expected in President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign. With Democratic voters going to the polls Tuesday in 14 state nomination contests that could decide who will be at the top of their ticket come November, there’s no shortage of Democrats worried about the effect a Bernie Sanders nomination could have on races further down the ticket. And considering the Republican National Committee is taking the 2020 fight to even states where Democratic rule is virtually impregnable, Democrats just might have ... Read more