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The Persuasive Power of the Wolf Lady

Early one morning in April, 2016, Karin Vardaman and four travelling companions woke in a motel in Siskiyou County, a rugged and remote region where rural California meets the Oregon border. They were in a town called Montague—a dot on…

Climate Change and the New Age of Extinction

The first documented extinction of 2019 occurred on New Year’s Day, with the death of a Hawaiian tree snail named George. George, who was about an inch long, had a grayish body, grayish tentacles, and a conical shell striped in beige and…

Should You Let Your Cat Go Outside?

A cat attacks a leaf.(Photo: Patrick Pleul/AFP/Getty Images)What does your cat do when it goes outdoors?The question may linger in the mind of anyone who has an outdoor cat, and the answer has become quite a bit clearer in the age of
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