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TK: The Politics Daily – The Atlantic

In some ways, the last election of 2018 has become the first election of 2020.How Tuesday shakes out will answer a key question for Democrats and Republicans hungry to notch a win and shape a victorious narrative as other 2020 elections…

Trump and Democrats Play By Different Rules

Read: It’s still the Trump showTrump has waved away any attempts to discuss what’s happening at the migrant detention facilities being run on federal property, and he certainly hasn’t volunteered any answers other than to blame Democrats…

Joe Biden Is Running for President

On Thursday afternoon, Biden was in Boston, where he joined the picketing of the Stop & Shop supermarket chain by the United Food and Commercial Workers, in his third appearance with a union crowd in the past six weeks. Workers…

Two Broadway Shows Dismantle the American Myth

“Lots of things happen to folks.” Those were the words that haunted me as I left the dark, sexy, weird, brutal new Broadway revival of “Oklahoma!” the other night—words as banal and deadly and all-American as Donald Rumsfeld’s “Stuff…

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